Dear Bloggy friends

I am away on holidays

and will be taking a small break from blogging.

I will post my usual ART WEDNESDAY next week
(so please do stop by and enjoy)

* * *

But while I am away please let me know:

1. tell me what you would be interested in me writing about?

2.  Is there any artists or periods that you would like me to do for Art Wednesday?

3. Any other feedback is most welcome.

I am!!!



  1. Jo, I hope you have a wonderful holiday!! Come back rested and rejoicing :-)
    I LOVE the relaxed kitty lol! If only I could sleep half as good haha!
    bless you, dear lady..Trish

  2. While I am not usually a cat fan, that picture is adorable!! :)

    There are some really talented mouth or foot artists out there, maybe you could research into that and feature some of them?? :) Alternative methods for producing art are very interesting and I think in some ways they show *greater* talent than those who produce art with their hands! :)

    Enjoy your break! xo

  3. Excellent idea Clara. How did the photography get that cat to go to sleep on the fruit, or do you think it "just happened"! Pretty remarkable.

  4. Enjoy your holiday, Jo! I love your header picture. So warm and welcoming. :)

  5. Trisha, to welcome I summer.

  6. Enjoy your holiday Jo!
    I love reading anything you write about actually, see I'm easy to please:)


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