Book review: The Christian Atheist

I have just finished reading “The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn't Exist” by Craig Groeschel and I must say I thought it was well written and thought provoking - a book I would recommend to others.  The book is not hard-hitting and certainly does not preach but very relevant in this modern age when many Christians struggle to live a Christian life - standing out so others know that they are different.  Living their faith.
The author uses his own life experiences throughout the book, to show how he has struggle in his everyday life to behave and live as a Christian should.  He calls himself a "Recovering Christian Athiest" and says he still has some way to go. 
In essences, the book is about those people who confess to being a Christian but behave as if they were not. The book examines a number of way that Christians fail to act consistently with their faith: 
  • not really knowing God
  • remaining ashamed of your past
  • being unsure of God's love for you
  • not believing in prayer (I wrote about this in a previous blog)
  • not trusting that God is fair
  • failing to forgive
  • not believing that you can change
  • clinging to worry (I wrote about this in a previous blog)
  • pursuing happiness at any cost
  • trusting more in money than in God
  • not sharing your faith
  • not being part of the church (I didn't necessarily agree with this last one)

I must admit I found the title confronting as no Christian would say that they were an atheist.  I felt perhaps that the title was catchy and aimed at getting the attention of a possible readers, but once I read the book, it did make me think - if you or I confess to being a Christian but do not walk according to the scriptures are we being atheists (someone who rejects Christ and His Word)? It is a rather harsh idea.
"Welcome to Christian Atheism, where people believe in God but live as if he doesn't exist . . . . This book is for anyone courageous enough to admit to their hypocrisy.  I hope it pushes you, challenges you, and disturbs you.  And if you're honest before God - as I am trying to be - perhaps together we can shed some of our hypocrisy and live a life that truly brings glory to Christ"  page 15.



  1. Jo,

    Sounds like an interesting book to read.

    I came across this book during a book search on Amazon a few months ago. I wanted to read it, but after reading some of the reviews on Amazon, I "hesitated" to buy it. Humm . . . maybe now I'll have a change of heart? :)

    -Lady Rose

  2. Thanks for the review, Jo. It sounds like an interesting read.

  3. Lady Rose - My elderly mother recommended it to me and she usually doesn't read modern Christian literature at all so I was surprised when she told me she had even read it.

    I noticed a few reviews say that it isn't hard-hitting or deep and I would agree. But it is a good reminder for Christians to check their behaviour. I did wish it had covered other issues as well, such as modesty, mixing with the worldly etc.. but it doesn't.


  4. Sounds very interesting Jo! xxx

  5. Wow, that *is* a catchy title, isn't it, kind of grabs your attention. Thanks for the review, sounds like a very interesting book.

  6. It sounds very interesting - and very true. Way too many people profess Christianity, but it is nothing more than "lip service" with them... Like the Bible says, we can't just be hearers of the Word, we must be doers too! How can we know them (Christians) by their fruit if there is no fruit?


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