Recipe of the week: Baked ham

Christmas in Australia is in the middle of summer . . . even though it is often hot, I still like to bake a ham and have a lovely roast dinner followed by plum pudding and custard. Tastes great but not the best meal for a hot summery day.  So why not have this special meal in winter.  Right now it is really cold - not surprising considering it is winter, so it was perfect timing to surprise my dear husband with a  "Christmas" dinner in winter.  

Mid way through cooking - just adding some more glaze
So last Saturday I cooked a leg of ham (which we have been enjoying all week) with some yummy roast vegetables, gravy and mint jelly . . . . followed by plum pudding (which I didn't make), custard and cream. 

I have to admit it was far nicer on a cold winters night that in in the middle of summer.  Dear husband loved his meal and decided it was much nicer on a cold winters night compared to a hot summers day.

The baked ham recipe I used came from Tasty . . . Southern Honey Baked Ham using a combination of honey, brown sugar, spices and butter to make a lovely cameral glaze. As I cooked the sweet potato along side the ham, they too picked up the lovely taste of the glaze and they tasted great. 

You can imagine what my house smelt like . . . it was delicious to say the least.  I think I might make this a new tradition in my house. 


  1. It's a MUCH better idea to have a big roast/oven baked meal like that in winter than in summer... We've never really done the heavy meal like that in summer anyway - we usually eat salads through the summer, regardless of 'Christmas' tradition!

    1. It didn't feel as heavy as it does in Summer. This one was from Costco and has been an excellent value as we had enough ham for the whole week and still some for sandwiches.

  2. I like that! Can I eat with you :-)

  3. looks delicious! and yea, i'ts much better weather now to enjoy it!


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