My weekend

Well, thats the end of another weekend.  Always a little sad when my weekends come to an end as I enjoy them so much. How was your weekend?  

The weather wasn't great, it was very cold, windy with a little sleet but it was sunny not that you would want to be outdoors for very long.

However I did have a lovely weekend regardless . . . 
  • I found some time to do some work in my new vegetable garden extension before it got to windy and icy, still have a little more work to do (almost ready for the board beans) .
  • Made some chocolate brownies for my son, but they didn't rise quite as well as they could have - but still taste pretty good.
  • Discovered how to make vegetarian bolognese sauce and a vegetarian chilli con carne - both of these have been frozen into individual meals (8 in total) for my son to eat when he is in a hurry, both taste great I must admit (yes, I little surprised as I didn't use a recipe!).  
  • I even started my son's wedding book that I will send off to be printed shortly (its not looking half bad!!).  My son and his new wife (Kat) came around on Sunday afternoon tea to enjoyed brownies and tea and we have a lovely time chatting.  They haven't stopped smiling :)

But the biggest highlight of my weekend was a trip to the jewellers with my husband (and he was feeling very unwell with sinusitis and in a lot of pain) to buy an eternity ring for my birthday (no, in a few weeks time). He wanted to get me something very special and thought a ring would be perfect.  He chose the diamond ring himself on Friday and on Saturday we went to look at it and order one that will fit my finger. It will arrive in 2 weeks. Its beautiful and I am over the moon!  What a wonderful husband I have.  I felt like a princess :))

And I thought I would share this photo of Ruby that I took last week in my kitchen. When she is around it is important to have my camera nearby as there are always plenty of photo opportunities!! I took this on my camera phone, these cameras have really improved and can produce excellent photos these days.  

And no, I haven't' watched any of the Olympic Games . . . only what has been on the news . . . and guess what . . . I have no plans to watch any of it . . . it drives me up the wall!!!! Whilst I don't mind some sports, I can't stand the babble of the presenters on TV, they talk for the sake of it.  Have you watch any of it?   

Happy week to you all.

PS here are a couple more wedding photos of the happy couple.


  1. she is beautiful

  2. Well, our weekend was different because we ended our three day fast with our church on Sunday! so it was a bit of a quieter weekend for us. Lovely and warm today which I'm enjoying:) I love the sound of an eternity ring, you are truly blessed Jo! wonder if we can see pics of it when you get it? enjoyed seeing more wedding pics too!

  3. The weather up here wasn't so bad - although under the surface we're still really wet here... to the point where we thought we could drive on the grass next to our driveway now... Unfortunately that led to us getting bogged because it's still SO wet - we had to get a friend to pull the car out (on Sunday morning when we were trying to drive to church meeting!)!!!

    I agree with Rosemary - would like to see a pic of your ring when you get it! What a lovely birthday gift!! :)

    Agree with you about the olympics - haven't seen any of it, don't plan to.

    Lovely pics of your son and daughter-in-law! :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. :)

  4. Hi Joluise,
    I'm glad you had a plesant weekend. Your son and new daughter-in-law look so happy.
    It was warm and calm here.....a perfect winters day.
    Have a good day
    Barb from Australia

  5. Sounds wonderful!! I'm happy you're getting a ring!:)

    Have a great week!


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