Random Tuesday # 9

~ Reading ~

What more do I have to say - reading makes the world go round!!

I do it daily even when I don't really have time. 

I can't imagine a life with out books and reading. 



  1. I have read more this year (these past couple months) than I have in the past decade! I've really enjoyed starting reading again every evening before I go to sleep. I decided to start at the top left of one of my bookshelves and work my way across the shelf and read every book. I did get stuck on one particular heavy-going book and had to set it aside for now, but I will come back to it. So far reading through all the books has been really fun and it's sometimes been a walk down memory lane as some of the books haven't been read (by me) since I was an adolescent!

    1. It is fun to revisit books that you haven't read for ages - sadly I don't get to do it very often as I have such a pile from the library waiting to be read :))

  2. Dear Jo, I always love to have a good book close at hand! We had a new library built in our county! It is nice to not have to go to the city to get our books! Blessings, Roxy

    1. I always have a book in my handbag!!! I use my local library all the time , I couldn't afford all the books I read and where would I keep them:))))

  3. Reading sure helps the kilometres pass when I am on my exercise bike =) That is my main reading time - but 15-30mins on 5 days of each week is just enough to keep me going =)

    1. I try for 40 mins at night (in bed) and 30 mins at work in my lunch hour! It doesn't always work out that way :))


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