Things I don’t like to do

After providing a list of some of my favourite things, I thought it was only fair to include a list of my least favourite things.  They are no particular order – not true, the first two are just plain horrible!
Chemical smells

Crowded shops

Hot windy days
Walking along long jetties (I might fall off!)

Reading on the bus (makes me sick)
Attending functions when I don’t know anyone
Reality TV
Being on a small boat at sea (sea sickness)
People who sniff
Modern Art

Hairless dogs
Watching sport
Horror movies

* I am (very) phobic when it comes to spiders so couldn't bring myself to include a "real" spider photo so found a far more friendly clip art spider!!


  1. I'm with you on many of your dislikes!

    A hairless dog, really?!---I think not!

    And I feel the same way about most modern art.

  2. Not like bananas!?!

    I suppose you may be just as surprised at some of my dislikes.

    Just goes to show how different we all are with each person having different opinions. God created us all unique.

  3. hahaha!! I had to laugh at some of these (eg. people who sniff, and hairless dogs!!). I hate many of them too. I have to know, though... what is so bad about Tuesdays????

  4. Hmmm, Some things are universally disliked, eg sppiders. others ~ not so much.
    I LOVE banans and rockmelon!
    I also happen to know a person with a tic who sniffs. I think I can give some leaway on that one

  5. he he he, I'm with you on a lot of your dislikes, including watching sport and chemical smells, they are way up there for me:)
    now, I'll have to go check out your list of favourite things!

  6. I am with you on all of these Jo, except I love bananas and rockmelon and Tuesdays are just another day for me so I don't dislike them. Beige and jettys are ok too. lol.

    Hairless dogs, horror movies, swearing and sniffly people well, I don't like much either.

  7. I do not like bananas because I once (aged 3) was given banana flavored medicine which I had a bad reaction to. Ever since that day I can't eat bananas!! However I use to mush them up when my sons were little - but tried not to smell the banana if you know what I mean as even the smell is unpleasant.

    The problem with Tuesday it's not the middle of the week and such a long way from Friday!!!

  8. I'm right with you on the no bananas, no spiders, no "reality" TV, and no hairless dogs! I laughed to read your post!


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