Girl talk: Shoes

I wanted PLATFORM shoes, mum said no
 At 12 I was considered too young
My cousins wore platform shoes, I thought they were COOL
I finally got a pair of "hand-me-downs"
I LOVED them to bits
Platforms went out of fashion
I moved to BALLET SLIPPERS and wore them non stop
Princess Diana came onto the scene.
I had to have a pair of those
In fact I end up with many pairs,
including a bronze pair.
I looked ELEGANT
Had to give them a go
They KILLED my feet
I couldn't walk any great distances
In need of LOW HEEL
No longer want sore feet
Want to be able to walk
No longer care if I look
I just want to be
and can use them for WALKING

And I am past caring that I am not in fashion!!!

* * *

This is just scary - check out the shoes this baby is wearing.

High heel shoes for babies as young as 6 months


  1. I'm speechless at the high heeled baby shoes! I once wore a pair of platform sandals to church, and two middle-aged men asked me what I was standing on! When I showed them that they were platform shoes, they looked kind-of disturbed. Mary R.

  2. Stilletos for babies is just wrong.

    Jo: until recently I didn't even own a pair of shoes. I only wear thongs ~ or go barefoot. I have funny feet & can't wear regular shoes but as I now often have to attend Star's concerts I have ONE pair of flat heeled [very flat]sort of dressy shoes. Do Ugh Boots count as shoes? I have Ugh Boots for winter but that's it.

  3. Ganeida - I almost included slippers as that is all I wear in winter (at home) and and in summer I live in thongs whilst at home. They are so comfortable. Yes, Ithink Ugh Boots are shoes!!!

  4. Wow, that is WAY too young for wearing high-heeled shoes. That is simply ridiculous!!

    I have never had a huge collection of fashionable shoes... I have a few shoes, but not because of fashion - just because I have different requirements for different occasions. I've been in bad need of shoes for years but everytime I go and look and see the price of good shoes, I am horrified... so I go to a less expensive store and none of them are comfortable... so I just don't buy any!! :P The most comfortable shoes I ever bought were some I bought in USA. They were very inexpensive, and they are *far* better quality than shoes we would buy here for the same price. Maybe I'll try to hang out on buying shoes till we go back to the States!!!

  5. Oh the memories!
    When I finally got the platforms I was so disappointed to find how uncomfortable the wooden platforms were for walking in! Meant for show rather than practicality.
    The baby shoes are just sad :-(
    Do you remember Mickey Mouse sandals? I think I was in Year 8. They were flat and very comfy. Wouldn't mind a pair of them now!

  6. I have really simplified my shoe collection. I now wear tennis shoes because I walk everywhere. I have thongs. I have comfy black sandals for church or dates with my man that are always what I wear if I need to look a little dressed up. I do have a pair of low fancier heals for dancing on rare occasions when hubby wants to go to a night club or hot date with me. But I have really cut down on shoes. I used to quadruple the amount I keep!

  7. Rosemi - I also need to cut down — this winter I have lived in 3 pairs of shoes, but I would have another 10 in the cupboard that I just don't wear taking up valuable space. I do tend to wear summer sandals a lot more and have almost worn out my black sandals so I need to replace then this summer with comfortable sandals that I can wear all day and not get sore feet!

    Clara – I was looking at a shoe catalogue this week (in the letter box) and was amazed at the costs – ballet slippers were over $200!!! Paying for the brand. I buy from FSW and can usually find something that is comfortable and cheaper than the standard shoe shops. They can be half price.

    Ruby – no, sadly I don’t remember Mickey Mouse sandals, I went to school in the country, I don’t think we were that trendy. Platform shoes are tough on the feet because they are made of wood. Couldn't wear them now!!

  8. Jo - you have found my weakness - shoes! I also wore high heels for a while - loved them at the time - but now - no way! I do love the kitten heel styles though - have way too many of those! I love the look of the flat shoes - but they kill my back so I hardly wear those at all.

    Was fun to see the styles in your pictures and to relive all the many choices that I also have worn in the past - funny how things come full circle again isn't it!

    (That baby photo - is just crazy!)

    We have been gone on a little traveling - cruise to Bermuda. Just got back home - I have missed your blog!


  9. Jo, you brought back memories when you mentioned the 'court' shoes. I didn't get into the platform ones, but court shoes I did.

    I wore them most of my working life I think. They were dressy but way more comfortable than stiletto, although the ones I bought did not have a very high heel like the one in your picture.

    Today, I settle for thongs at home, and I love wearing homy-peds for work and shopping etc. I never would have admitted that once before as the brand always reminded me of granny shoes lol. But nowadays they make them in very stylish designs. I don't wear any with a high heal as I go for comfort these days. Wedge heels is what I buy in my homey-peds. They are strappy, and extremely comfortable. I love the cushioning. I got them for a very reasonable price ($35!) from my daughters work (pharmacy)... they are cheaper because they are last seasons stock or something like that. I couldn't care for fashionable, I want comfort (with a nice look).

    I love how you did this post... it was very well done!

  10. Amanda - I have been thinking of buying homy-peds, they now look very trendy (less like granny shoes) and I am sure they would be more but they aren't cheap (never seen any around $35!!) - I need a black sandal, so closer to summer I might have a look.

  11. Vicki - can't wait to hear about your trip and see any photos!!!!

    Glad to hear from you again dear friend:)

  12. Yes Jo, the ones I have are a black sandal... comfy as!! The pharmacy I got mine from is a Calanna one. Not sure if you have that chain down your way?

    ps. I posted about Darcy tonight... in case you don't get a chance to come by, I covet your prayers please!! We found a paralysis tick on him this afternoon, and then symptoms were showing up.. he is at the vets for the night... the next 12 hours is crucial. You being a pet lover, know how much Darcy means to us!

    Praying he will come through it all... we lost our cat to the same thing last year :(

  13. I am with you Jo, I tend to go for comfort and not fashion anymore:)
    those shoes are just wrong on that poor baby!!!
    my sis-in-law has mentioned homy peds to me too, should start looking into them...hmmm I think we're divulging a bit about our ages here:)

  14. Oh, what I have done to my feet as a younger woman all in the name of fashion! Yes, these days, I'm all about the comfort.

    And, yes, those baby shoes are very disturbing.


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