Today my youngest son is going to a funeral, the first he has attended.  The funeral is for a young man of 18 who my son went to school with.  He died in a car accident, he had been drinking, he climbed into his car, sped off home and hit a tree.  Speed.  His passenger is ok - he tried to save the driver, but to no avail.  This young man probably thought he would be ok, invincible.  He would make it home safely, he had every other time.  Now his family is grieving for a son who will never come home again.

I am always telling me children to be careful - for my eldest to drive carefully, slow down, don't take risks - it is better to arrive late at your destination than not at all.  For my youngest I tell him never to climb into a car with a person who has been drinking or a reckless driver.  They tell me not to be silly. I pray that my youngest son now understands why I worry, maybe in a very sad way, this funeral may teach the young people attending that speed does kill and creates immense misery to the family and friends.

So many young people die on our roads, often with their mates in the car, so many families grieving for their sons and daughters.  It is a tragedy.

We do not know what tomorrow will bring, we do not know how long each of our love ones will remain with us or be called home. Therefore, I leave my sons safety in the Lords hands, in particular when they are traveling on our roads.    

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.  John 14:27
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  1. It wasn't until I had children that I really started appreciating safety. I think most young people enjoy taking risks at some point or another. So many people think they are invincible... and then one day they face their Maker and realise. It is so sad. I like the RTA signs beside or over roads we have here in NSW (not sure if they're in other states and territories) that say "Don't be Dead for a Deadline".
    I don't look forward to the day my children begin driving - parents go through so much that you don't realise until you have your own children to worry about!!

  2. Clara - when I hear of a road fatality on the news I now listen to hear who it is in case it is someone I know or friends of my sons. This weekend 16 people died, who tragic. How many were racing to get somewhere when they should have slowed down, it doesn’t matter if we are late. We have signs that are similar, you and I might take notice of them, but do 18 year olds who have been drinking or want to speed – they are making a decision without any thought to the law or to others around them.

    I watched a news story the other night about a program being run in some NSW schools about teaching young people about driving and road accidents and it was really "in your face” and didn’t hide the horrible facts of road accidents and death. It even had a young person who was badly injured. The students were in tears– but is that enough to make them think when they have drunk too much. It might some, but not others.

  3. That's very true - maturity/age certainly does come with a little more wisdom and common sense. Death and other such things have (to an extent) become taboo subjects that are closed behind hospital doors - I think it's good to open those doors and show how it really is. But drunkenness knows no bounds and common sense in such a situation is sadly lacking. :( And the worst of it is those who don't drink who are killed or badly injured because of someone else's stupidity.

  4. What a tragedy. Excellent post and admonition.

  5. A very sad way to learn this life lesson. We have been touched more than once by road fatality. As you say ~ misery for all involved.

  6. A very poignant post. Something we have talked to our young men about often, as well. They do think they are invincible, unfortunately, until a tragedy occurs. I pray all the young people attending the funeral will understand the wisdom spoken by their parents.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog from Amanda's. Your photography and design are beautiful!


  7. My lengthy comment didn't show up from this morning (I usually forget to check if I get the veri word right :/)

    Anyway, I think this is a very important post. Your words to your sons is much the same as mine.

    I see too many crosses on the side of the road, and chances are they are a memorial to young drivers/passengers.

    Hopefully this young man's life wasn't in vein. Hopefully it impacts his other young friends and classmates who hear of his death or attend his funeral. His death may help serve as a dire warning to them to avoid drink & driving, and also speeding.

    Sad to hear about another fatality, there are too many these days.

    I think my son has good sense concerning this, as well as my daughter.

    Have a great day back at work Jo :D

  8. Amanda - I did a little research on vehicle deaths and in the last 12 months (to July 2010) there have been:

    - 689 drivers (74% male)
    - 291 passengers (54% male)
    - 185 pedestrians (69% male)
    - 222 motorbike riders (94% male)
    - 37 cyclists (92% male).

    In total 1,426 deaths — and so many males. One death is too many.

    Sadly some of these deaths have been caused by others driving recklessly.

  9. That's such a sad tragedy. Perhaps it will be an eye opener to those who attended.

  10. I just spoke to my son, he said it was a very sad funeral with many friends turning out (plus some teachers). My son had only seen the young man a couple of weeks ago and said it was so sad to say goodbye.

    I asked if he and his friends had learnt the lesson of drink and drive and he said he had and felt his close friends had too - they now understand what happens. It had become real - what a tragic way to learn a lesson.

    It was an open casket - this was the first time my son had seen a dead person, but he said he was ok and it was nice to see S's face one last time

  11. Oh so sorry. Our community lost a home school Christian young man of age 18, while he was on his way to witness in the intercity. He was the only one that died in the car wreck.

    My children, even though home schooled, have attended the local high school demonstrations where they act out a car accident and then through the week cross appear on the school ground for those that died in the is very strong.

    It is so hard for them to understand how fast life can be taken, but when they start seeing it happen they seem to understand a little better.

    So sorry and prayers for the boys parents.


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