Around the house: Lost and found

Not a week goes by without hearing 'I can't find . . . . "

What goes missing varies, somethings are found, others things are lost forever.  I often wonder where they go.  Do they decide they no longer like our home and wander off somewhere else or do we have a thief who likes steals a bunch of socks and pens. 

I do find that the males in my house have great trouble looking for missing items.  And when they are looking they make lots and lots of noise and as you can imagine the noise doesn't help with finding the lost item, but it does get me involved!

So what goes missing in my house:
  • The usual socks and undies - they aren't really missing they are just in someone else drawers
  • DH's tools - he is always looking for them - usually somewhere near one of boys
  • Pens and scissors - no matter how many I buy, they seem to disappear - and just when I need scissors I can't find them
  • DVD's - the one my DH wants to watch is missing - son has lent it to a friend!
  • Water nozzle - might seem strange but it is always going missing - just when I want to water the garden I can't find it any where and waste 10 minutes hunting for it!
  • Cutlery - in particular teaspoons - where do they go.  Only recently a bought a bundle of 10 to replace all those missing.
  • Drinking glasses - I do find some in bedrooms but not all - I do wonder if some are broken by children and they don't tell me about them!
Lost and found story
My mum lost her diamond engagement ring many years ago and was unable to find it.  She hunted for days to no avail, as excepted she was very upset. Then a number of years later dad was eating an apple pie and he looked down on his spoon (which was about to go into his mouth) and saw something, it was the diamond ring (nicely baked).  All those years it had been in the flour tin, but as mum had never emptied the bin (just kept topping it up) the ring remained at the bottom of the tin until the day she made apple pie and used all the flour.  How amazing that it was dad who almost ate it!
However, my sapphire engagement ring went missing seven years ago, never to be found. . . 

* * *

I cannot talk about lost and found without referring to one of my favourite stories in the bible, one my dad told me many times, I will end with these beautiful verses.
What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? And when he hath found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, rejoicing. And when he cometh home, he calleth together his friends and neighbours, saying unto them, Rejoice with me; for I have found my sheep which was lost.  I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth , more than over ninety and nine just persons, which need no repentance. Luke 15:4-6 (KJV)
* * *


  1. Things go missing here too - some never to be found again. I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about the males searching for things... We have what we call a "boy's look" and a "girl's look". When my DH can't find something, I ask him if he had a boy's look for it, or a girl's look. Boys don't tend to move things around methodically to look for something - they shift a couple things and pronounce something missing... Girls are more likely to do a thorough search - and this is why we are most likely to actually FIND the item!! :)
    I love the way God made males and females so very different - it adds such interest to life!! :)

    Regarding losing rings - how do people lose a ring? Are they too loose or something? Mine is fairly tight and I almost never take it off, so I don't think it would be possible for me to lose it. Sorry to hear about the loss of your sapphire ring - what a shame! :(

  2. Clara - my mum lost her ring because she took it off to make pastry and placed it on the shelf near the flour. She must have placed some of that flour back into the tin and in went the ring. I take my rings off when gardening so I don’t get dirt in them and I sometimes take the engagement ring off on weekends. I also take them off when I am making biscuits or pastry were I need to use my hands.

    Yes - we have the typical "boy look" which involves a quick scan over things and not moving anything about. There is also no logic in the looking - too much noise!! I am quite good at finding things. If I can't find something I stop looking and usually things (like scissors) turn up all by themselves.

  3. This is great. All the boys in our house have things missing...and we have five boys that has lived here, that is a lot of stuff.
    Oh, we have one of those lost stories mom's diamond earrings. I have a diamond bracelet that something happened to.
    But I love how you ended it...He is an awesome God and He will go after the one...I needed that today...thanks! He looked after one of mine today!

  4. I love this post, Jo! I can relate very well to most all of those lost things...socks around our home are a wish I could do away with them.

    And glasses appear all over the house. :)

    What a great story about your Mom and her ring! I'm sorry, though, that you never found yours.

    This passage in Luke brings such joy to my heart!

  5. I relate Jo! My husband and 2 children are always asking me where is such and such... they can't find it, but how come when I look, I almost always locate it?!

    They don't look for long and because they expect I'll know where it is lol.

    Yes, socks is a big one here... always one of the pair disappearing... to where I have no idea lol.

    Loved the story of the ring in the pastry!

  6. In our house Star is the *Finder*. She seems to know where everything is & who's left what where. I just get cross because I'm too busy to waste time looking for other people's stuff & why on earth couldn't they put it away in their own rooms where there was some chance they'd find it again without the need of major mummy intervention!

  7. Grinning here! there are just some things that are common to every household. My guys all have a boys look for stuff too. Either that or Hubby absolutely tears everything apart and still can't find it. I will walk out calmly and find it in no time! Lol. But we love it, hey girls??!!

  8. By the way, what' the deal with those teaspoons you mentioned Jo? I mean where o' where could they possible go?!

    I have also 'lost' almost all of my forks, and had to buy some replacements recently. I can safely guess those ended up at my son's work as he used to take leftovers when he lived at home, but the teaspoons are a mystery to me lol.

  9. Funny and I can relate to it too though we only have one boy here(a grown one)...I must remember the "boys look" and the "girls look" for next time:)

  10. Amanda - I have bought teaspoons from Kmart and House. Kmart is the cheaper of the 2. I have no idea where they go, I sometimes wonder if my children throw them out by mistake. Perhaps when they leave home I might find some things!!

  11. Oh Jo - you just described my blokes down to a T, except for the cutlery lol! What a great story about your mum's ring. Such a shame yours hasn't turned up..yet.
    When we moved house years ago , I left my wedding ring behind but couldn't find it on a return search. A few months later I had a dream in which it was returned to me, and the next day it was! Just as I had dreamed! God is good ..perhaps you will find yours too some day :-) blessings..Trish

  12. Jo,

    That is quite a wild story about your mom's engagement ring. How did she feel about finding it baked in a pie?

    Yes, I do wonder about missing items in my house as well, and there is only my husband and I, plus the cats. Recently, I lost one of my green one-cup measuring sppons, and it is no where to be found, ugh!


    -Lady Rose

  13. That parable is a constant reminder of just how much Jesus gave of Himself for me...He left His throne of glory to go after a lost soul. Thank you, Lord.

    I recently lost my baby girls shoe. I have not been able to find it and it has been about one week. Usually when I put her in the stroller she kicks her shoes off. I have given up hope of finding the shoe.

  14. I enjoyed this post...especially how you brought it back to our God. Isn't He just so good?

    We always lose keys and pens and brushes. We have a place for these items, but they are never there when we need them. Hmm.

  15. So sad to loose important rings. I once found someone's wedding band and was quite depressed when no one ever came forward to claim it. How could someone NOT miss that?

  16. That is a precious story about your Mother's engagement ring - just priceless. My HUSBAND loses things all the time - today - he lost a charge card - (what a big lot of trouble that has caused!)



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