Something new for this year - I thought I would pick out the highlights of my week and share them with you each Saturday (so I will try to make them exciting).  The photo for each week will be something I have taken, today's is from Government House in Canberra - it is of one of the cottages on the property.

Around the house: I did a BIG clean out of the study, throwing out bags of rubbish, taking things  to the charity bin and shredding piles of papers (I do love playing with the shredder!).  I also went through all the old receipts and tossed out anything that was no longer relevant and filed the rest. Everything is organised for the new year!

Baking:  I decided to try my hand at some more bread, this time a basic white loaf. Quite pleased with the results but DH still doesn't quite like it - once again too cake like.  I also made DH's favourite biscuits "ginger biscuits" which I slightly under cook so they are chewy.  DH has a strange habit of getting up in the middle of the night and eating a snack (no he isn't sleep walking), he quite often likes to eat a biscuit - and these are ones he enjoys!!

Out and about: As mentioned in an earlier blog DH and I went to the Botanical Gardens for a romantic stroll.  On Thursday I went shopping to buy groceries and had a wander around the shopping centre - I picked up a few bargains and some extra filing drawers for the study.

Watching: This week I watched a DVD called "Startling Proofs: Does God really exist" which examines the science behind evolution and design and provides a very clear evidence of design.  Nothing random could produce a world so complex and interlocking, as the documentary points out "there is no such thing as a simple cell". Everything in this universe is connected in someway.

Bible reading: Genesis chapters 1-7 "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth" - all that surrounds us was created by God, the trees, the animals, the water, the air we breath, the stars, the planets.   But it didn't take long before man decided he didn't need God anymore "The the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually" (6:5) so the Lord destroyed all that He had created (6:7).

General reading: "Wonder Cats: True stories of extraordinary felines"(Christmas gift from my son), "The Distant Hours" by Kate Morton (novel) and "And He Dwelt Among Us" by A. W. Tozer (Christian study)

Gardening: One of my shrubs decided to die, no idea why, perhaps too much rain so I had to remove it this week. The cherry tomatoes doing very well and the agapanthus' are all in full bloom.  Bees and butterflies are everywhere - loving all the flowers in the garden.  I found this "thing" in my garden?! Charlie cat wanted to have a closer look but I didn't think that was a good idea - I have been told they spit.

Pets: The dogs have been quite stressed with recent thunderstorms - when we do have a thunderstorm one bangs on the back door and the other barks non stop. When this occurs at 12am on Sunday and lasts until 2:30am, I wasn't amused!!  But I did manage some Facebooking, bible reading and a cup of tea while I was awake in the middle of the night - DH went back to sleep!  

Something funny: Ruby likes to lie on my desk as I am working and I wondered if she would be interested in watching something on the computer screen (as one does).  So I searched on You tube for something I thought she would like - she enjoyed cats meowing, dogs barking, birds flying and dolphins swimming.  Occasionally she lifted her paw to the screen, in particular with the dolphins. In the end I had to move her as I wanted to finish my work!!!

And that has been my week.
How has your week been?



  1. oh that is so funny - Ruby watching youtube:)
    lovely to hear about your week. I believe that thing in your garden is a millipede. they often come after rain...we observed and drew one in our nature journals last year:)

  2. joyfulmum - I did wonder if it was a millipede but it was much larger and fatter than normal.

  3. I didn't think millipedes had those stripes or the spikes. That is interesting.
    That's funny how Ruby was watching youtube - what a modern cat! ;)
    This is a fun post, Jo, interesting to read about your week. What type of shrub was it that died?

  4. P.S. When I was a child there was a tree down the street that used to have spitfire caterpillars on it (not sure exactly what they looked like now; I haven't seen one in years - but you reminded me of them). If they "spat" on you, it would sting and hurt horribly - we used to skirt our way around them as much as possible! They aren't found everywhere - they must eat something on or near a particular tree only.

  5. Very interesting week Jo!
    Ruby is amazing and very cute :-)
    I think that is a caterpiller you have there. We avoid touching those at all costs - they can give you a very bad reaction indeed! Very painful itching that drives you crazy :-(
    So keep clear of them okay?! :-)
    bless you..Trish

  6. oh ok! I stand corrected:)
    glad some of your blogy friends were able to help you id the caterpillar:)


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