Friday Trivia

How do you say Australia?

According to a recent research, we don’t all say the name of our country the same:

Though the English dictionary dictates that Australia is pronounced with three syllables, to the people of Oz it is still very much up for discussion. The opinions of the nation are divided into the following three categories:

  • 13% of us pronounce Australia with just two syllables (“Strayl-ya”)
  • 39% pronounce Australia with 4 syllables (“Aus-tra-li-a”)
  • 48% pronounce Australia with 3 syllables (“Aus-tral-ya”)

Though Australians are divided in pronouncing the name of their country, there are other alternatives if it becomes too much effort. 83% of us feel positive towards the name ‘Down Under’ and when it comes to describing ourselves or something else we feel is particularly Australian, 55.6% of love ‘True Blue’!!



  1. I use six syllables: Ozz-ie Ozz-ie Ozz-ie...

  2. I'm in that 48% that pronounce Australia, Aus-tral-ya...

    Have a great day,


  3. I'm a 4 syllable girl, I think! This is very interesting trivia, Jo! The Americans I have met say it different again... it's kinda funny! They (or at least some of them) say something like "aww-stray-li-a"!! :)

  4. lol It's a mouthful. I just refer to the place as Oz. One syllable, no issues with spelling or pronounciation. If I must be proper I'm a 4 syb girl.

  5. Definitely a 4 syllable girl here too. :o)

  6. Jo,

    Since I'm in America and not from Australia, I pronounce it with three syllables. I've never known people to use 4 syllables to pronounce Australia. Interesting.

    -Lady Rose


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