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Yesterdays post was a little depressing I have to admit (link) so today's is simple and lite.  I have been doing a few "projects" around the home that I wanted to share. 

One of my little projects on Saturday was sewing a cushion cover.  I bought a tea-towel from eBay, but when I received it I thought it was far too nice to use as a tea-towel (even though DH was eager to wipe the dishes with it!!).  So I folded the towel in halves and with a quick sew on the machine turned it into a cushion cover!! Now it graces the little chair by the front door that Ruby likes to sit on and watch the world go by!  It was a quick and easy job, but I am impressed by the outcome!!

I don't know about your laundry, but mine is pretty unexciting. So to jazz it up slightly I hung this picture (the print is from eBay - my favourite online shopping store!).  Just adds a little colour and it amused DH!

Cauliflower Pickles (sometimes called mustard pickles) is something my mother use to make when I was a child and we ate it with cold meats in summer.  Bought pickles just doesn't taste the same so I decided on the weekend to make some. I don't know what it tastes like as it will take 2 weeks to mature, but it certainly smelt good. 

I have ordered a couple of jam, pickles and chutney cookbooks which I am very excited about as I can do further experimenting in the art of preserve making.  This is quite a fun hobby and one we can all enjoy eating:)

What have you been up to?



  1. It is lovely looking at other peoples ideas, I love your cat cushion the eyes on the cat are beautiful. I would also love to jazz up my small laundry I don't know if I can hang anything in their though as I am likely to hit pipes if I nail anything into the wall.I am sure my husband would laugh at the thought of all of my laundry being clean folded and put away too. It seems to multiply even as I am washing it with seven in our house. Love the look of your cauliflower pickles, I will have to search out a recipe for this. I usually make chutneys but my husband loves mustard pickles, so I will also attempt to make some.
    Thank you for sharing, I always find these sort of posts inspiring.
    Blessings to you Nell

  2. Bets - it is out of my Country Women’s Association Show recipes cookbook. I wasn't able to find an equivalent one on the net. Most of the recipes I found on the internet add things like beans and capsicum which mine doesn’t have – I can send you a copy if you like?

  3. I'll borrow Betsy's copy of your recipe, Jo!! :D

    It sounds really yummy for people who like those kinds of pickles (I'm not a fan of mustard, personally, but Dan and the kids love it)...

    I like your wash day picture, it's cute! :)
    Good job with the cushion cover, too. :)

    As for what I've been up to... sewing (cross-stitching at the moment), gardening, homeschooling and housework seems to fill my days lately. I really need to write a blog post, too.

  4. ah so love home made pickies too have fantastic recipe which is called "chickles" cos it half way between pickles and chutney - yumm.. mouth watering Shaz in Oz.x

  5. My, you have been busy. Still reading though too tired to comment most days. It is an exhausting term.

  6. Ganeida - your life exhausts me when I read it, I do hope you get the opportunity to rest sometime soon. A long relaxing rest:)

  7. Jo, I've been so busy this past week I'm just catching up on your lovely blog. I've missed coming here!
    I'm enjoying reading through your old posts now.


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