My hand - photography by Joluise

"The hand is the physical part of the brain."
Immanuel Kant

We use our hands every day. Life without them would be such a struggle, but we do take them for granted.  They have:

prepared many home cooked meals,
cleaned the house for our loved ones,
held many books to read to our children,
changed nappies, 
tucked babes into bed,
placed bandaids on cuts,
wiping away tears,
cared for the sick and weary,
helped others,
planted and grow food,
 touched and showed love,

The other day I decided to take a photo of my hand and what I saw I didn't like. My hand were wrinkled, beginning to show their age and wasn't as slender as I thought they was. It was a hand that had seen work. I was reluctant to post the photo on my 365 photography project as it wasn't as glamorous as I wanted it to be. 

What was interesting, I wasn't alone in my views. Other photographers also commented about being reluctant at taking a macro shot of their hands - it revealed some home truths. We do get older and no matter how much we want to hide it, our hands always tell the truth. 

To be honest, I shouldn't be ashamed of all those wrinkles, they tell my life story. My dad's hands are very worn after a hardworking life as a farmer, women of the past who did lots of manual work had well worn hands. Our hands are much softer by comparison, we do different things with them these days.  We use them to work the modern technology of today but that can make our hands weary.

Now that I have had a closer look at my hands, I think I will appreciate them a lot more. 


  1. Your hands look like my mother's hands to me! Funny how we see these likenesses! Her hands were never slender that I remember, so you aren't alone =)

    1. I think I was just been vain:))) I don't mind my hands at all.

  2. I agree - your hands do look like Mummy's!!!
    We do use our hands a lot, don't we..? It's funny, but I think hands are definitely one of those things we use the most but also take for granted most. I realised how much I used my hands when I had my carpel tunnel troubles. There's not a lot you can do when your hands are injured/painful - especially if you have a lot of hobbies like I do! We should be very thankful for our hands even if they do look wrinkled or old. I was actually thinking the other day that my hands don't look quite as young as they once did. :P

    1. It's often said that women who get plastic surgery can't really hide their age as their hand always give their age away. Our hands work hard so it's expected that they will look their age!!

      It's nice to know my hands looks like your mothers.


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