Art Friday: Autumn

I love Autumn, how couldn't you love these colours.  This year has been particularly good with the colours lasting much longer and I think much stronger. I have included a snippet of photos I have been taking in recent week.

We have been enjoying beautiful weather, sunny days (to enjoy at lunchtime with a walk in the sunshine) and cold nights (perfect for snuggling up with a blanket and a bowl of soup).

When we lived in the tropical north, it was Autumn that I missed the most - the lack of colour. 

Autumn is the second spring, 
when every leaf is a flower
Albert Camus

Autumn's the mellow time.
William Alligham

Autumn, the year's last,
loveliest smile.
William Cullen Bryant

Every leaf speaks bliss to me, 
fluttering from the autumn tree
Emily Bronte

How beautifully leaves grow old.
How full of light and colour are
their last days.
John Burroughs

** All photography by Joluise **


  1. Hi Jo-- you are having a beautiful autumn-- walks in the crisp air are the best ways to enjoy it. Your photos are lovely-xoxo

    1. Thanks kindly Vicki:))) Autumn/fall has been lovely this year, lasted much longer than normal and the colours have been stronger, perhaps due the mild weather we have been having. It really has been the most enjoyable season.

  2. Beautiful photos, Jo! :)
    Evenings are cold here too - enjoying snuggling up under a blanket at night. :)

    1. I am about to get my slow cooker out as we are in for a week of 14C and thick soup will be perfect. The day's have been gorgeous but I think that is about to end in a few days when winter thinks it might arrive.

  3. Autumn really is such a pretty time of year!

    1. It certainly is and when I am sitting in the office at work and see that gorgeous weather out of the window, I just wish I was out side enjoying it!


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