Ways to relax: Jigsaws

I love doing jigsaws, I find them relaxing and rewarding. 

I don't do them very often, but I do try and do one each Christmas. 

My dad works on his jigsaw every evening. He loves doing them and very good at remembering shapes, colours and patterns. He says they help him frelax and a perfect activity just before bed. 

My trouble with jigsaws is getting too engrossed in them, wanting to do "just a little more" before bed!!

Are you a fan of jigsaws? What sort of jigsaws do you like doing?

Its hard work making jigsaws - one needs tea and cake to make it through a session!!
I always leave the sky to last, this one wasn't very difficult. 
When we bought this coffee table, I deliberately selected one big enough for jigsaws!
Finished. There was a moment there when I couldn't find two pieces - Ruby had hidden them under the table!!
My favourite jigsaws have at least one building in them. I'm not overly keen on landscapes. 
Ruby spent much of the time sitting under the table as I worked. She was very good and only on a few occasions touched the pieces. 



  1. We had 4 new ones at Christmas, a great way of unwinding.

  2. I haven't done one in years but they are fun to do-years ago I made several and framed them and then hung them to enjoy-

  3. I try to do at least a couple jigsaws each year (more if I can find the time!). :) But I prefer to do the sky and other difficult parts first and leave the easy and more fun areas to last. But that's my way of doing everything - we have a motto in our house - "Work first, then play" and I do apply that to other things like jigsaws too! :)

    1. I find the sky is much easier when other things are around it, each to our own method!

  4. Hello Jo, I just purchased a puzzle a few days ago. it was one with a Momma fox and her baby. we are planning on starting it this weekend. I put up a card table and add a couple of chairs. I find doing them a bit like knitting a lot of work, but worth it! Roxy

    1. They are such a challenge and I always love a good challenge. My dad does some every night as he finds them very good for his mind. I am thinking about starting one that is very unusual, will share once done!! enjoy your jigsaw.


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