Friday, November 21, 2014

Art Friday: Random!

William Hays
Art Friday: Random

This week is random, completely random works of art!! I couldn't decide on who to share with you, so you are going to get a bunch of paintings I quite like! I hope you enjoy this collection. 

William Page Atkinson Wells Landscape, a girl in a meadow, 1905
Evening at home” (Edward John Poynter, UK, 1836-1919

Daniel F. Gerhartz
Apples by Rembrandt
 Vladimir Volegov
John William Waterhouse
Nancy Noel
de Bessie Pease Gutmann


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Give someone a pot plant to cheer up their day.

"No one is useless in this world
who lightens the burdens of another.” 
Charles Dickens


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Do you feel blessed?

Do you feel blessed?

I do. 

My life isn't perfect, far from it.

I have suffered ups and downs like everyone else. 

Does anyone have a perfect life?


Regardless, I have much to be blessed about and much to thank the Lord for.

I have a roof over my head.

My home is comfortable and keeps me dry and warm.

I have a cosy bed to sleep in.

My home allows me to retreat from the world.

I have food on the table every night, my pantry is full and we do not run short.

I have clothes to wear, shoes for my feet.

I have good health but if I do have problems I have access to doctors, hospitals and affordable medicines.

My children had accessed to good schools.

The roads I drive on are safe and my car is road worthy.

My job meets our needs and pays the bills.

I live in a safe country free from war and famine.

I have family and friends that care about me. 

And I have a Lord that loves me endlessly, even when I slip and stumble. 

I am truly blessed,
 on occasions in my busy life I forget how blessed I really am. 

I have no reason to complain.

God is GOOD. 

And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4:19


Monday, November 17, 2014

Giving to the poor

As Christians we are expected to reach out and help those less fortunate.

She extends her hand to the poor, Yes, she reaches out her hands to the needy. (Proverbs 31:20)

Once or twice a year I go through my cloths to see what I no longer want because I haven't worn them in ages or they don't fit. I pack all the clothing into bags and take them off to the charity bin. Some people at Christmas donate cans of food they haven't used (found at the back of the pantry and well past their expiry date). We give away old books, knick knacks, things from the kitchen, toys, children clothes are popular etc...Just walk past any charity bin and you will see almost anything. 

However, look closer at the content of the charity bin - mine are often overflowing so that isn't difficult. Lots of people give . . . rubbish, clothes that stained, a broken zip, toys that no longer work. Its one of the biggest complains from charities, the amount of items they receive that are not suitable for human use. 

Why do we think it is ok to give the poor the worse of what we have in our cupboards. Things we would no longer want to use. Much of what we give ends up in the tip and costs charities lots of dollars to dispose of. 

My cousin sent me an article the other day and it was the last paragraph that really struck home 

The next time we have the opportunity to share what we have with someone who is in need, let’s give from the pile we want to keep, not from the one we want to throw out. (source)

How many people would be willing to go through their wardrobes and find some of their favourite clothing and give them to charity. I think I would struggle to find just one person. We all like to "help" the less fortunate, but we are particular in what we give. 

I have a friend who, after doing her grocery shopping will give the homeless man outside the supermarket something to eat. She never gives money (as it will be use to buy cigarettes and alcohol), rather she buys the man something healthy to eat e.g. a bag of fruit but she always includes some chocolate. She always adds the little extra because, as she says, why should a homeless man not enjoy some chocolate, we all enjoy it, so he should too. 

He has filled the hungry with good things, 
And the rich He has sent away empty. (Luke 1:53)

This is how we all should think when giving to others . . . do you think the Lord Jesus Christ gave us second best, no, He gave us the best, He gave us chocolate plus lots more. In writing this post I looked at the number of verses about helping/giving/reaching out to those less fortunate and there are far more verses than I thought. We are encouraged over and over again to reach out and help. However we live in a society that is less likely to give than ever before. And even if you don't have very much to give, there is always something (maybe just one item) that you can give to make someone else smile. 

And as I wrote recently about shining your light in the corner where you are, likewise, you don't need to go to Africa to help those in need. Just look at your own neighbourhood, perhaps someone at church is in need of help. And help doesn't just mean second-hand clothes, it can include a casserole for the family that may be going hungry. An anonymous grocery hamper, meat from butcher, gifts at Christmas, the list is endless. 

God's message to us is simple - help the needy. It's not hard to understand; it's just hard to do. And as we approach Christmas (just over a month away), this is an excellent time to put it in action. I quite like doing the "wishing tree" at Christmas. My place of work does one and I like to buy something special for a child who I know won't been getting very much at Christmas. A simple gesture can make all the differences. 

He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, 
And He will pay back what he has given. 

(Proverbs 19:17)


Friday, November 14, 2014

Artist: Charles Wysocki

Artist: Charles Wysocki

I have posted paintings by Wysocki before - his cat collection, however he has done plenty of other paintings besides cats and I thought I would share some of these with you. They are so full of detail and the more I look, the more I can see in these paintings.

Enjoy and I hope this is a nice way to end the week.

A few of his cat paintings - the detail is amazing. 


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday

Rest and appreciate life. 

It would be such a pity to get to the end of life and not had time to stop and watch birds fly, rosebuds open or listen to the sounds of silences. 

A merry heart does good, like medicine, 
But a broken spirit dries the bones. 

(Proverbs 17:22)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

87,600 meals

In one year you will eat 1,095 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

With life expectancy around 80 years for a woman, you will consumer 87,600 meals in your life time.

If you are married for 50 years, you will prepare 54,750 meals for your husband.

That is a lot of cooking and eating!!

Each of those meals you cook for your husband, you have decided on what to cook, how healthy it will be, the cost, the length of time it will take, what food you need to buy . . . . you have been one busy lady in the kitchen. As wives we all have a responsibility to cook healthy meals for our husbands and the best and cheapest way of doing this is by home cooking. It isn't hard, it doesn't take as long as you might think and it tastes 100% better than anything you buy in the shop. 

My mother was a great home cook and she taught my three siblings and I how to cook and I have passed on those skills to my sons. I am forever thankful for having a mother who gave us these invaluable skills as I have read so many blogs were women have left home and haven't had a clue and struggled to learn basic cookery. 

The slow insidious displacement of home cooked and communally shared family meals by the industrial food system has fattened our nation and weakened our family ties. In 1900, 2 percent of meals were eaten outside the home. In 2010, 50 percent were eaten away from home and one in five breakfasts is from McDonald's. Most family meals happen about three times a week, last less than 20 minutes and are spent watching television or texting while each family member eats a different microwaved "food." More meals are eaten in the minivan than the kitchen. (Huffington Post, 1/9/2011, written by Mark Hyman)

This has probably got even worse since this article was written in 2011. I cannot imagine what our future mothers and wives will be feeding their children and husbands, if things don't change, the health of the nation will continue to decline. I don't believe it has to do with mothers working per se, I think we live in an age of laziness. Women do have the time, sadly many choose to not use it wisely. 

We complain of not having enough time to cook, but Americans spend more time watching cooking on the Food Network than actually preparing their own meals. In his series, "Food Revolution," Jamie Oliver showed us how we have raised a generation of Americans who can't recognize a single vegetable or fruit, and don't know how to cook. (Huff Post)

I work full-time and we rarely have take-away or processed foods. I am not amazing in any way and  I am no superwoman, I just put my family first and foremost. They are my first priority and even for working women, where there is a will, there is a way. I don't cook elaborate meals, but what I cook is are healthy and tasty. My husband loves a roast, I do that weekends when I have plenty of time. We use the slow cooker in winter and eat lots of salads in summer. It isn't rocket science and all women can do it, if they want to, its just that many don't and find many reasons why they shouldn't. 

One hundred years ago all we ate was local, organic food; grass-fed, real, whole food. There were no fast-food restaurants, there was no junk food, there was no frozen food -- there was just what your mother or grandmother made. Most meals were eaten at home. In the modern age that tradition, that knowledge, is being lost. (Huff Post)

Eating healthy is important - we are God's creation, He expects us to protect, nourish and take good care of our bodies and the bodies of our husbands (I see it as part of being my husband's helpmate).  God also created a plethora of great tasty foods (no, not the stuff that comes out of cans) for us to enjoy and get pleasure from so we need to start the revolution of returning to the kitchen and cooking.  We need to teach our daughters (and sons) how to cook healthy meals from scratch. We need our children to get excited over home cooked meals and less excited about supermarket food. 

That we need nutritionists and doctors to teach us how to eat is a sad reflection of the state of society. These are things our grandparents knew without thinking twice about them. What foods to eat, how to prepare them, and an understanding of why you should share them in family and community have been embedded in cultural traditions since the dawn of human society.(Huff Post)

My husband likes to go for a walk and often when he is walking up the street towards our house he can smell dinner cooking. Sadly, it is often the only meal he can smell cooking on our street. He says it makes him want to come home as it smells so yummy. What an incentive to cook for our husbands. 

Whats on your menu this week? 



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