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General up-date on "stuff"

I thought I would give you a general update of "stuff" that I have been up to - not that I lead the most exciting life!!   Bulbs are planted - so far 45 in total (a mix of jonquils and daffodils) - more to be planted over the next few weeks.Garlic is planted - the ones I planted last year didn't grow big enough - I think I planted them far too late, second attempt:))))  So far I have planted 24 but I am wondering if I should buy some more - what do you think?Planted the patio Pink Lady apple tree - it has been in a pot for 4 years but not very happy (pot bound), so into the ground it has gone and to my surprise it hasn't even looked stressed over what I did to it. See the little owl I have put next to it - cute!! Third skirt is now finished (below) - I am pretty pleased with this one (a woollen skirt perfect for winter), pattern matches back and front and it has the most gorgeous red lining which feels very sophisticated!!  Do you generally line your winter skirts? Nex…

Leaning on the Lord

I try very hard not to worry, but I am a weak human and at times I can't help myself.  But being a Christian I know where to turn and as soon as worry and anxiety starts to take control (and its surprising how fast that can happen) I turn straight to the Lord.  I can't imagine what non-Christians do when something comes into their lives that causes worry and anxiety. Who do they turn to? 
I have been worried about a few things lately and I opened up a blog this morning and the first thing that jumped out was the verse below (one of my favourites).  It was waiting for me to read and it was perfectly timed and much needed.
Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. 7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.(Philippians 4:6-7)
And whilst I was reading my devotional this morning, I jump ahead and the verse was:
Yea, though I w…

Art Friday: Rembrandt

This is fun to watch - the making of an old painting by a Flashmob! A nice way to meet Mr Rembrandt (not that you will meet him in this YouTube clip!)

Artist: Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijin Born 15 July1606 - Died 4 October 1669 Dutch

Rembrandt was born in Leiden on July 15, 1606 - his full name Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. He was the son of a miller. Despite the fact that he came from a family of relatively modest means, his parents took great care with his education. Rembrandt began his studies at the Latin School, and at the age of 14 he was enrolled at the University of Leiden. The program did not interest him, and he soon left to study art - first with a local master, Jacob van Swanenburch, and then, in Amsterdam, with Pieter Lastman, known for his historical paintings. After six months, having mastered everything he had been taught, Rembrandt returned to Leiden, where he was soon so highly regarded that although barely 22 years old, …

ANZAC DAY: The unknown soldier

excerpt from the Remembrance Day speech at the funeral service of the unknown Australian soldier by The Hon. P. J. Keating MP (formal 
Prime Minister of Australia) (link to full speech) 11 November 1993

We do not know this Australian's name and we never will.
We do not know his rank or his battalion.

We do not know where he was born, nor precisely how and when he died.

We do not know where in Australia he had made his home or when he left it for the battlefields of Europe.

We do not know his age or his circumstances – whether he was from the city or the bush; what occupation he left to become a soldier; what religion, if he had a religion; if he was married or single.

We do not know who loved him or whom he loved.

If he had children we do not know who they are.

His family is lost to us as he was lost to them.

We will never know who this Australian was.
Yet he has always been among those whom we have honoured. We know that he was one of the 45,000 Australians who died on the Western …

Saving power

My son (eldest) rang me to tell me (very proudly) that he has worked out how to save money and reduce his power bill.  I asked him how he was managing to do this.

He said, "I now have shorter showers, I turn off lights when I am not using them and shut doors".

I laughed.

For 25 years we asked him to have short showers, turn off lights, shut doors and not turn up the heating ... as it saves water and power. He never listened and from time to time, we ran out of hot water. Finally he has grown up and discovered a few things!!!  One being - he now pays his own bills and discovered that it can be expensive.

So for all of you that bang your heads against brick walls when you children don't listen - they will one day when they have their own homes. They will no longer waste power, waste food, dirty the carpet,  refuse to clean the house etc.... because they finally wake up and discover some truths!!!

My son came to visit on Sunday (whilst his wife had her book club group at t…

All about books

I recently read "The Book Thief" by the Australian author, Markus Zusak. It wasn't one I would normally read as its a novel set during the World War Two and I much prefer non-fiction to fiction when reading about war and suffering. However, it really took me by surprise and I loved it. The language was just beautiful and the story was so well crafted I could hardly put it down. 
Have you read a book recently that took you by surprise?
I (and my colleague at work) are currently reading the top 50 Australian books as voted by viewers of the First Tuesday Night Bookclub on the ABC (TV).  I rarely read Australian authors, however by going through this list (in no particular order) I have discovered some great books and a new view on Australian authors (such as My Secret River by Kate Grenville) with a few exceptions such as Cloudstreet which I found downright miserable and I didn't like any of the characters.   
What has been your favourite book so far this year?
Would you…

Recipe: A quick and easy pizza base

I have found the best and easiest pizza base to make, I even make it after work!
 And for those who are vegan, this is suitable for you too.

This recipe is almost as quick as getting one delivered and for anyone nervous about using yeast, this is a really great recipe to start with.
Not only have I made it many times, I have past it onto my colleagues at work and they are now all making their own pizza bases too. 
The recipe is simple (I use a dough hook) but you can make this by hand if you don't have a standmixer.
Pre-heat over to 180C (356 F)
In bowl add: 1 teaspoons sugar, 2 teaspoons dried yeast and 1 cup of lukewarm water. Set aside for 5 mins or until foaming.  Meanwhile: measure out 3 cups of plain flour (I use white bread flour) and 1/4 teaspoon salt.If using a stand-mixer with dough hook: add the plain flour/salt and 1 tablespoon olive oil (or your oil of choice)  to the yeast mix until combine (add more lukewarm water if too dry). Knead for 6 minutes until smooth. If knea…

Friday Art: Reg Mombassa

I have been a bit of a busy bee this week and have not had much time to do any blogging.  In saying this, it has been a lovely week and gone really fast. I am one of those people blessed with a job I really enjoy and working with the nicest of people.  Turning up each day is not difficult at all and therefore if I am busy at work it isn't a horrible environment to be.  We are ending the week with a team lunch at a local restaurant, sitting outdoors and enjoying some Autumn sunshine.
I haven't really had much time to put together an art page for Friday but I thought you might enjoy this link (I hope you can all watch it). It is about a forensic artist and a group of women. It was created for the company Dove and gives an interesting insight into how you see your own beauty and how others see you.
Whilst on the topic of art (as it is Friday), I came across the…

Empty nesters: what is it like?

My husband and I are empty nesters. 
Our two sons have left home, the eldest is married and has set up a home of his own with his lovely wife, whilst the youngest has moved in with some friends. 
Children grown up and want to spread their wings. We can't keep them at home forever and neither do we want to. Whilst parents love their children dearly, their own relationship is also important and part of being an empty nester is rediscovering that relationship which is often lost (sometimes only a little, but for some couples a lot) when children and life take over. 
As children become teenagers and young adults they start leading their own lives, they have their own interests, study, work and friends. It is a nature progression from the dependency on one's parents to be able to live independently. That is one of the things we train our children to do. As they start this move, they begin to spend less time at home. So by the time they move out, it almost feels ready - the right ti…

Sewing update

So far I have completed 2 skirts and the third one is half done. I am on a roll and enjoying myself.  Both skirts have been worn to work, one is quite good (for a beginner!), however the spotty one (below) needs the lining shortened (as it can be seen when I am sitting) and I am not overly happy with the shape. But regardless of these issues, no one else probably has a clue!!
Far more practice is required, but slowly I am getting there!!  I am learning how to adapt patterns to fit my shape and not rushing does make a huge differences. 

I have been on the hunt for skirt patterns and struggling to find ones I like. I turned to Ebay and it didn't take long to locate brand new patterns that were just what I was looking for that didn't cost very much. So far I have bought 4 and will continue to add to my collect.  

Do you have any skirt patterns that you would recommend?  They need to be simple at this stage, I haven't advanced to the next level yet.