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Art Friday: The image of Jesus

We are crazy about celebrities and cannot get enough of them—we demand the minutiae detail, we have an insatiable appetite for information about the rich and famous and women buy endless trashy magazines to look at the latest fashions wore by women they don't know but desperate to follow. 
Hollywood actors, members of the royal family and even people who haven't done anything significant are followed and photographed on a daily bases and we find their imagines in our magazines, newspapers and on TV. These people often have huge social media presents — they love the attention and we are more than happy to idolise them. 
However, the Saviour of this world never had His painting done when He walked this earth and we have no description of His looks. We no nothing of His appearance — how tall was Jesus, did He have a  beard, beautiful and handsome? Did Jesus have curly or straight hair, was His skin dark or light. What did He like to eat?  Given that He is the central figure in a…

Modern Modesty: Scarves

I love wearing scarves and wear them heaps.

Scarves can be purchased for very little which means you can own lots of scarves and jazz up the same top in many different ways.

Scarves come in every colour imaginable, fabric and length giving you lots of variation on how to wear a scarf. 
Scarves can turn an ordinary top into something sophisticated. 
Scarves can cover up a low neck line and create a modest outfit.
Scarves can add colour and femininity to an outfit.
Scarves can keep you warm and toasty in winter. 
Scarves can be placed on the head, around the neck, over the shoulders, as a wrap,a belt  or even in your hair — scarves are a very versatile piece of fabric!!
French women are known for their scarves and they know how to wear them both as a fashion statement and for comfort and warmth.
Scarves are great for any season. 
Add a brooch to a scarf to create a different look.
Scarves can be a casual addition to an outfit or something very chic. 
Scarves are an alternative to a neck…

Is it enough?

"Despite more process, privilege and possessions than ever before, we are worried all the time.  The more we have the more we worry. Why, because we have more to lose. We use up much of our lives trying to insulate ourselves against insecurities, We worker harder, buy more, accumulate, set aside, save, hoard, buy locks and security systems and maximise insurance — and much of this activity is driven by worry, anxiety and a relentless discontent" from Contentment: The Secret of a Lasting Calm by Richard Swenson
And money makes us more anxiety than almost anything else. 
A new study shows two million Australians are experiencing high financial stress which prevents them from coping in difficult situations, for example, in paying unexpected expenses such as a big mobile phone bill or the fridge breaking down.  One in two adults have limited to no savings. Household finances lead to more arguments in marriage than almost anything else and it leads to divorce.  Almost three-quarters …


Spring is a miraculous time of year. What appeared dead in winter bursts into life. Suddenly seemed so dull and cold surprises us with colour and perfume. Little did we know that beneath the cold hard ground the plants and trees were preparing for rebirth. Spring gives us hope for rejuvenation in our own lives as well. Spring is a time to renew the excitement and zest for life. It is time to throw off the layers and enjoy the sunshine and re-connect with nature. 
I am away this week, having a long earned rest and spending precious time with my family. I thought I would leave you with some photos from spring. I will be back blogging next Monday (26th).  

Art Friday: Shari Erikson

Artist: Shari Erikson

Wearing bright colours

I LOVE bright colours — reds, pinks, orange, blues.

So I was surprised to find that not all Christian women believe that we should wear bright colours. Why, because some think it draws to much attention to ourselves and makes us noticed in a crowd. We should be only remembered for our smile and kindness and not the colour of our clothes. 
I struggle with this — I don't wear red to be noticed or to draw attention to myself — I wear red because it is a happy colour and it makes others happy. Many people will compliment me when I wear red and tell me that it brightens up their day. I wore a hot pink (modest) skirt to work the other day and everyone loved it— because it was alive and joyful. 
Too many people wear black, particularly in winter — I wear black, but always mix it with something bright. We live in a dark world, we need colour to brighten it up, to cheer others up, to bring joy — this is why I wear colour. It has nothing to do with attention-seeking at all. 
Colour lifts our mo…

Working mothers love their homes too

Some women do not enjoy looking after their homes, that is a fact. Some women live in chaos and mess and avoid cleaning. Others outsource their housework to others. Some women put very little effort into creating a cosy warm environment  — however these are not exclusive to working women. 
Many Christian women who work outside of their homes, love their homes dearly and take great care in creating a sanctuary for their loved ones. 
It isn't about the amount of time one spends at home, it is what a persons does when they are at home. 
I love pottering around my home, I like to create places of warmth and comfort. I like my home to have a feel of welcome to those who enter. I may not be at home all day, but it does not mean I don't love my home as much as a woman who is a stay-at-home wife and mother. 
Working women do not live in hovels. This might surprise you as I have read endless blog posts that remind me that if I am not at home 24/7, my home will not be a haven of peace and t…

Art Friday: Louise Marion

Artist: Louise Marion
Something very bright and cheery for you today.

Fear and faith cannot coexist

Fear and faith cannot coexist

We cannot confess our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and still be fearful. 
But we do.
As mothers we fear (and worry) way too much.
We are fearful about the world our children are living in, we worry about their health, their education, we fear for their future, we fear for their safety.

In fact many mothers will worry about things that doesn't  even exist.

We are experts at generating our own fears. 

Even though we are told over and over again in the bible to TRUST IN THE LORD, we still worry and remain fearful.
Why . . . because for many mothers, it is very difficult to hand over one's problems to the Lord and let go. But this is what we need to do . . .  MUST do.

Our children might trip and fall. They might even get sick. They might eat things they shouldn't, they might break an arm, they might do things we don't like. But these are all part of growing up.
We cannot wrap our children in cotton-wool. 

In fact not only is this fear unhealth…

My thoughts for September: Deciding the next US president

My thoughts for the coming month: 
The Bible speaks very clearly about the relationship between the believer and the government. We are to obey governmental authorities, and the government is to treat us justly and fairly. Even when the government does not live up to its role, we are still to live up to ours. 
Americans are heading for an election where they will decide the 45th President.  One person wrote the following comment on my blog back in July "I strongly believe America won't make it through her (Hilary Clinton) presidency if she gets elected".  Yes, America will make it through the next presidency whether that be Clinton or Trump — why, because God is IN CONTROL and HE will determine the outcome not matter what we do — we may not like it, but it isn't our will. Sometimes God places us in situations that we don't like or agree with which can result in much distress—including governments who do not share the same beliefs as ourselves. It is in these situat…

Art Friday: Jill Barklem

Art Friday: Jill Barklem