Working mothers love their homes too

Some women do not enjoy looking after their homes, that is a fact. Some women live in chaos and mess and avoid cleaning. Others outsource their housework to others. Some women put very little effort into creating a cosy warm environment  — however these are not exclusive to working women. 

Many Christian women who work outside of their homes, love their homes dearly and take great care in creating a sanctuary for their loved ones. 

It isn't about the amount of time one spends at home, it is what a persons does when they are at home. 

I love pottering around my home, I like to create places of warmth and comfort. I like my home to have a feel of welcome to those who enter. I may not be at home all day, but it does not mean I don't love my home as much as a woman who is a stay-at-home wife and mother. 

Working women do not live in hovels. This might surprise you as I have read endless blog posts that remind me that if I am not at home 24/7, my home will not be a haven of peace and tranquility for my family and all those who live within it will suffer. 

Earlier this year I wrote about the concept of Hygge (LINK). Hygge is a Danish  word and Hygge relates to cosiness, togetherness homey, snug, comfortable, family, connectedness. It is about creating the right atmosphere in the home where families and friends come together, leaving the dramas of the world behind, to create a safe, warm place for all. 

Denmark is regularly voted one of the happiest countries in the world and perhaps this is why. Danes grow up with the concept of hygge and feel much more connected to each other than perhaps we do. When feeling connected within one's family, one feels secure, loved and care for and in turn it improves our health  and well-being. Hygge is all about "we" time and not about "me" time and we certainly need far more of that in our society which is strongly driven be "me". 

But, what might surprise you — Denmark has a very high percentage of working women and they are still able to create this wonderful togetherness at home. Why, because it is important to them and it is part of how they think.  Likewise, home is important to many Christian women and even though some of us work outside of the home (because that is what God has decided), it doesn't diminish our love of home and taking up the mantel of keeper of one's home. 

Some women spend hours and hours making they homes look beautiful but the home lacks a heart. Some women spend much less time (due to other responsibilities) and manage to create rooms that you just don't want to leave.

Homemaking is a noble calling that we should feel honoured that we have been given this privilege which allows us to create a beautiful place for our families.  Whether working or at home, whether we like housework or not, we still need to take care of our homes—According to Elizabeth George, we are "on assignment" from God to build up our homes which means our role as keepers of our home is VERY IMPORTANT . . . we do have an essential role to play no matter what our responsibilities are —it means we need to have the right attitude, the right mindset, and the right purpose and many Christian women who work do. 

Once again, please do not assume that working women do not love their homes and live in chaos —most of us don't. What a pity I can't invite you all for afternoon tea, to enjoy that delicious pavlova covered in berries or the cheese and crackers. 

She watches over the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

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  1. I am a full time homemaker but very much agree with you. It does not matter if you are in the home for 12 hours a day if your heart is not there. I have worked outside the home and was not an effective homemaker during that season, but I am not every woman and know that there are those that do both very well. May God give every woman a heart for her home, it is the haven for both her family and her as well.

    1. You are so right - it is where your heart is that is important and that just might not be on the domestic front for some women. It also depends what sort of work you do outside of the home, if I was a busy doctor or lawyer, I simply could manage both - its all about wise chooses. Have a beautiful day.

  2. Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from the Netherlands

  3. I too am a stay at home, homeschooling mom. Just being home doesn't mean that it's cozy and tidy. I think you've made a wonderful point in a remarkably kind way. I don't like these mommy wars of working vs. stay-at-home. We all have very full plates, and we all need to make the best home we can for the family God has given each of us. Be blessed!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
    Missouri, USA

    1. Thanks Laura - I think those that want to demonise working women will use any method they can, sadly they are women who say they are Christian but aren't behaving in that manner. I know many SAHMs who are very busy and don't have a lot of time for making their homes comfortable and cosy - they instead go down the comfortable route as its the easiest. have a beautiful day :)

  4. Yes, that is true. I'm a stay at home mother, but I took on work at home to the point that keeping my home nice has become so much of a challenge that I've had to reconsider the work I do. It doesn't take working outside the home to make homes messy when life is busy!!! Most of us love a nice, cosy home, but it's not always possible. :( Once again it brings to mind the thought that life is full of seasons and I look forward to a quieter season when I have the time to put into my home that I would like. :)

    1. And it is important to acknowledge that what one woman struggles with, for example, managing her home and working may not be a problem for other women. We are also very different and and must not judge women based on one's own struggles . Whilst I find it easy to manage work and home I have to remember that not everyone has the same energy organizational skills that I have we are all different and that's perfectly OK.

    2. P.S. I noticed the placemat in your first photo ;) Lovely to see you using it!! xx

    3. They are used a lot and much enjoyed 😊😊


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