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Have a yellow sort of day!!

I love bright cheery yellow.
If there was a colour that said JOY or HAPPINESS, yellow is that colour. 
Yellow brightens a sad day, yellow brings happiness, yellow is joy all wrapped up in one. 
Yellow brings warmth from the sunshine and beauty from daffodils.

Yellow isn't a colour that is angry or miserable. 
"Every day is a beautiful gift.  Don't send it back unopened"
Don't waste a moment of today, think joy instead.


Make what you do count

One can waste years of their adult life wanting something they don’t have — we only have one life on this earth, make what you do count.
I read over and over again from women who are either desperate to return home and become full time housewife or angry that their husbands are forcing them back into paid work. In their mission, they hate their jobs, they are miserable about their situation, they are not happy at home or with their husband’s decisions and their children are picking up their discontentment and sadness. To make it worse, other women keep reminding them of “how tough their life must be” and "you must return home quickly" only adding to their discontentment.
Life is short
make the best of what you have, be thankful that you are well and healthy and stop focusing on the negative. 
To be blunt — stop complaining and feeling self-pity and look at the positive because maybe, God is teaching you something. 
I work.
— that is the path the Lord has placed me on — I …

Focus on the beauty in this sad world

I turned on the news yesterday to hear about the tragic killings of 70 innocent people and the wounding of others. We live in a sad sad world and even more than ever we need to keep close to God our Father, leaning in for safety and strength.  One can easily be overwhelmed and stressed by this constant news of death and destruction and the fear of the unknown — therefore we need to place our focus on . .

. . . whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. (Philippians 4:8)

Come unto Me, all ye that labor, That sink beneath your load of care; Come unto Me when shadows gather, And raise your hearts to Me in prayer. I wait to give your souls a blessing, To lift you upward to My breast; Come, weary, worn, and heavy-laden, And I will give you rest.
Come unto Me, all ye that hunger, When all yo…

Art Friday: Janet Kruskamp

Art Friday: Janet Kruskamp
Lots of colour this week - hope you enjoy these homey views. 
I have a cold this week, so my brain has been a little foggy making concentration a more difficult than usual!!! Trying to get as much sunshine as possible in my attempt to get rid of it quickly!
Have a lovely weekend. 


Current reads

"So many books, so little time"
Like always, I have been plowing through my pile of books (which never gets any smaller as I keep on adding to it!) and I have selected three to share with you that I have really enjoyed. 
What have you been reading - which book was the highlight in recent months?
Any that you would recommend?

Joni and Ken: an untold love story: Ken and Joni Earckson Tada
I read this book whilst on holidays a few weeks ago and loved it - it was one of those books I could hardly put down. My elderly mother recommended it to me and I can see why. Joni and Ken talk truthful and honestly about their marriage (which at times almost fell apart), the battles they have fought, the harsh words to each other, the difficulties they have faced when coping with Joni's disability, her increasing pain and her recent battle with breast cancer.

Their marriage hasn't been perfect, they have hit many pot holes and struggled like the rest of us, however, the Lord has always…

In memory of Elisabeth Elliot

Elisabeth Elliot has been an inspiration for many women around the world. She  passed away on the 15th of June aged 88 and has gone home to be with her Father.
In remembrance of her great work and her unfailing love for the Lord Jesus Christ, I thought I would gather up some of her quotes to share. She really was a woman that dedicated her life to the Lord and focused her energy in sharing that wonderful Message.
Her legacy is in hundreds of thousands of women like me… She called us all to see the empty promises of the world's definition of womanhood and to accept the contentment of womanhood as God designed it to be experienced” (quote Dannah Gresh)
Elizabeth Elliot uses her experiences as a daughter, wife, mother, widow, and missionary to bring the message of Christ to countless women and men around the world and even though she is gone, her books and messages live on and we can continue to benefit from her wisdom and love of the Lord Jesus Christ though her works. 

“We have pro…

What does simple living mean?

I have lost count of the number of blogs I have read that stresses the importances of "simple living". 
What does simple livingmean?
The problem with this phrase is that it means different things to different people. I really like my hairdryer, microwave, washing machine and the electricity that power those things, the fact I can buy ready made bread and not have to make it every day, my car which allows me freedom of movement and earning enough so we don't have to struggle. 
Some would say, we don't live simply. Perhaps not by those who are self-sufficient, living in a cottage somewhere and not reliant on power and water and avoid the supermarket. However, compared to those who drive two cars, own 4 TVs, big house. go on lots of holidays and eats out every second night we are living quite simply. 
Simple living doesn't mean you have to make your own soap or bake your own bread. I personally think it means not be driven by the needs of the world that want you to…

Art Friday: Claude Monet

Art Friday: Claude Monet
Dear friends, here are some gentle paintings to end the working week with. xx


Dumping rocks - learning to say NO

None of us like to say no when asked to do something, even if it means our load has become more difficult and heavier than we can manage. Women are the first to put up their hands to offer help - we want to be seen as helpful, part of the team, willing to be charitable and not wanting of offend anyone. 
However, if you read yesterdays story "The overloaded wagon" by Rosemarie Kowalski you will realise that often we overload our plates with things that have nothing to do with God's plan - we are simply trying to impress God and everyone else.

Aren't women meant to be busy and kind and helpful?
He doesn't want us to do EVERYTHING - in fact, as we have so often discovered, by doing everything means we become like Martha - exhausted, stressed, worn out and unable to sit and enjoy the company of those we love and more importantly - not spending enough time with Christ our saviour. 
So how do you start "dumping rocks" to lighten our load and only do those th…

The story of the "The overloaded wagon"

I am currently reading Joanna Weaver's book "Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World". In the book she tells the story of the "Overloaded Wagon" by Rosemarie Kowalski. 
Every woman will relate this story as we all do it from time to time, or perhaps all the time. It is a long story, so do set aside a little time to read it - it is SO worth it.  Its all about learning to say  "no" for the right reasons. 
And many thanks to blogger "Faithful Provisions" for having it all typed out so I didn't need to. 
Tomorrow I will list the suggestions from Joanna Weavers book on how to dump the rocks in our lives. Saying no can be difficult which is why we don't generally do it. 
The story is told of a man who met God in a lovely valley one day.  ”How are you this morning?” God asked the fellow. “I’m fine, thank you,” the man replied. “Is there anything I can do for you today?”
“Yes, there is,” God said. “I have a wagon with three stones in it,…

Foot prints in the Sand


Wasting time?

Who is a time waster?
Lets be honest with each other? I am and I am sure you are to. 
I am very good at checking my mail, popping onto Facebook to say hi (I am a friendly gal), visiting Pinterest (someone might have posted something new), reading the next chapter of my book, day-dreaming, talking to Ruby (the cat!), wandering around the garden all because I don't really want to clean the bathroom.  
I know every trick in the book to avoid doing something I don't want to do and I doubt I am NOT alone with this one. 
Wasting time doesn't always mean I am not doing something - it just means I am doing something  else instead of what I should be doing! I am finding other more interesting things to do to avoid doing the ones that aren't very exciting i.e. cleaning the bathroom!!
Sewing instead of making dinner. 
Reading instead of vacuum-cleaning.
 Surfing the net instead of  dusting.
Watching TV instead of cleaning the fridge. 
Gossiping to friends instead of doing my work…