Have a yellow sort of day!!

I love bright cheery yellow.

If there was a colour that said JOY or HAPPINESS, yellow is that colour. 

Yellow brightens a sad day, yellow brings happiness, yellow is joy all wrapped up in one. 

Yellow brings warmth from the sunshine and beauty from daffodils.

Yellow isn't a colour that is angry or miserable. 

"Every day is a beautiful gift. 
Don't send it back unopened"

Don't waste a moment of today, think joy instead.



  1. Yes. Yellow speaks to me of warmth, cheer, brightness. It makes me think of the beautiful yellow sunshine on spring and autumn afternoons. It makes me think of happy yellow flowers. I especially like yellows when they're combined with blue and white. I also like pastel yellows with other pastel colours like lilac, pink. :)

    1. When you start to look around, God has provided so many yellow cheery things :))) often in the garden as flowers — standing out for all to enjoy, including the bees, butterflies and birds to enjoy the nectar.

      My kitchen has blue counters and yellow walls, they go so well together :)) I have often thought about making a skirt using bright yellow fabric and adding blue as a thick boarder along the bottom - I think it would work really well.

  2. Yellow is my favorite color, always has been :) Love this inspiring post, thank you so much for the encouragement!!

    1. Interestedly, it isn't a colour I wear but i do love it around me :)) Thankyou and I do hope you have a lovely day.

  3. Hello from Oz! I just popped by to say g'day via the Good Morning Monday link up. I love your yellow inspiration. Hope you have a beautiful sunshiny week!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

    1. Hope your day has been bright and cheery :)) and the week ahead.


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