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Crazy cats #1

We all need something light and amusing from time to time and I think this will do the trick!!!
I would also love to hear about your crazy cats and what they are getting up too!!

Jobs via careers? What is the differences?

Jobs via careers?
What is the differences?
Is there a differences?
When stay-at-home bloggers write about working women, they have the habit of using the phrase "career women" because of its negative connotations. 
Career women (regardless of truth) are seen as women who work very long hours, not home very much, neglect their children, have little or no involvement in their children’s education, employ other people to care for their home, don’t cook and generally are considered bad women. They are also labeled feminist because there is a belief that having a career means you are a feminist and believe the feminist "lie".
But what is the reality? 

Lets define jobs and careers . . . 

JobJob is an activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity in exchange of payment. Education or special training may or may not be required.

Career: A career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. Usua…

Three cats aren't too many!!

Who can resist a kitten — they are adorable, cuddly and so sweet!!!
Two cats may appear to be plenty for one family, but three is purr—fect !!
After my husband gave into the idea of another cat (he wasn't keen), my son and I went to the animal welfare society (RSPCA) and looked at all the very cute kittens that so desperately needed a home (and there were many to select from) and we found one that was just perfect. 
We named her LILY.
Lily is gentle, laid-back, funny, cute, loves to play but very fond of sleeping in the sunshine and just right for our cat family. Ruby cat wasn't happy at first, but then she realised that she has a little sister who she can chase and be silly with (and boss about). They are now good pals. Charlie isn't happy, but we don't call her "grumpy cat" for nothing. As long as she doesn't find a kitten in her bed –life is ok—but don't expect to be friends ever, Charlie still doesn't like Ruby!!
Lily went to the vet the othe…

Stories in the news: Secret purchases

Australians spend more than $11 billion every year on guilty habits they keep to themselves. Clothes, gambling, guilt foods, adult entertainment and cigarettes came in at the top of secret purchases made, with women more than twice as likely to hide clothing purchases than men. The survey found, on average, that Australian men spent $4,596 on purchases they did not reveal to their partners, while women spent $1,476. Generation Y, aged 18-35, held the largest debt from secret spending at $2054, topping Generation X with $1173, and Baby Boomers with a mere $318. (Source)

Who buys things but doesn't tell their husband? 
Do you think your husband need to know about ALL your purchases?
Do you think your husband hides purchases from you?
USA Money Magazine survey (2012) (source)
71 % of married Americans acknowledged keeping secrets about their spending from their spouses44 % said keeping secrets about money is acceptable under certain circumstances40 % admitted that they tell their spouse t…

Give to the winds thy fears

Give to the winds thy fears ~
Give to the winds thy fears, Hope and be undismayed, God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears, God shall lift up thy head.
Through waves and clouds and storms, He gently clears thy way; Wait thou his time, so shall this night Soon end in joyous day.
Still heavy is thy heart,  Still sink thy spirits down; Cast off the weight, let fear depart, And every care be gone.
What though thou rulest not, Yet heaven, and earth, and hell, Proclaim, God sitteth on the throne, And ruleth all things well.
Leave to his sovereign sway To choose and to command, So shalt thou wondering own his way, How wise, how strong his hand!
Far, far above thy thought His counsel shall appear, When fully he the work that wrought, That caused thy needless fear.
Thou seest our weakness, Lord, Our hearts are known to thee; O lift thou up the sinking heart, Confirm the feeble knee.
Let us in life, in death, Thy stedfast truth declare, And publish with our latest breath
Thy love and guardia…

Doing good works quietly

"Everyone seem to want attention today. From the never-ending crop of willing contestants on reality TV shows to the banal infinity of YouTube performers, to nearly all of us spending so much time online, privately always hoping to garner ever more “likes” and followers — attention seems to be a goal for many of us today." ~ James Franco
No one is willing to work quietly behind the scenes anymore — willing to go unnoticed — not seeking  or desiring fame or fortune. Sadly Christians (individuals and families) are no better. They aren't willing to quietly spread the work of God, instead it has turned into a circus, they want to be on TV, they drag their families on TV, they end up on the covers of fashion magazines and other Christians follow their fashions and hairdos. Bloggers to some extend are doing just that — and women flock to their sites and tell them how wonderful they are and as we all love praise, it builds egos and makes us feel good.
God wants us to do good work…

Art friday: Angus Clifford Racey Help

Artist: Angus Clifford Racey Help
1913 - 1970
English children's author and illustrator, designer of postcards, greeting cards, jigsaws, playing cards and wrapping paper. 
His first success as an author and artist came during World War II with stories written for her. When the war came, Anne was packed off to a less noisy part of the country, but she still insisted on her story, and so Helps wrote them down for her, drew pictures to illustrate them, and sent them to her. During that time, Racey and his wife Irene Helps lived in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, and were hosts to many young American soldiers based in the town, besides running a hairdressing salon. On one occasion a publisher happened to drop in and pick up one of Helps's handwritten, illustrated booklets. Helps was invited to London to discuss publication of future work. (source: Wikipedia)

Educating girls

66 million girls have NO access to education across the world (UNESCO)

Education is one of the blessings of life—and one of its necessities. That has been my experience during the 17 years of my life. In my paradise home, Swat, I always loved learning and discovering new things. I remember when my friends and I would decorate our hands with henna on special occasions. And instead of drawing flowers and patterns we would paint our hands with mathematical formulas and equations.
We had a thirst for education, we had a thirst for education because our future was right there in that classroom. We would sit and learn and read together. We loved to wear neat and tidy school uniforms and we would sit there with big dreams in our eyes. We wanted to make our parents proud and prove that we could also excel in our studies and achieve those goals, which some people think only boys can.
But things did not remain the same. When I was in Swat, which was a place of tourism and beauty, suddenly changed …

Shoes throughout history

Renaissance Italy provides one of the most striking instances of the shoe’s extreme history. Venetian women of status popularised the wearing of a style called the chopine. These platform shoes were often crafted from wood or cork. And 15th-century Venetian gentlemen were very keen for their wives to wear these extremely high shoes, according to Elizabeth Semmelhack, senior curator at The Bata Shoe Museum. This was because of the way it hindered their mobility – and therefore, the idea goes, they would be less likely to run off with other men. Indeed, very often these women would have to be accompanied by attendants to ensure that they didn’t topple over. Chopines would be an average of around five and a half inches but their height was rumoured to have reached up to 20 inches. As elevations became more extreme, Venetian sumptuary laws were even brought in to address the ridiculous nature of these shoes. In 1430 the Venetian Major Council forbade the wearing of chopines that were more…