Jobs via careers? What is the differences?

Jobs via careers? 

What is the differences?

Is there a differences?

When stay-at-home bloggers write about working women, they have the habit of using the phrase "career women" because of its negative connotations. 

Career women (regardless of truth) are seen as women who work very long hours, not home very much, neglect their children, have little or no involvement in their children’s education, employ other people to care for their home, don’t cook and generally are considered bad women. They are also labeled feminist because there is a belief that having a career means you are a feminist and believe the feminist "lie".

But what is the reality? 

Lets define jobs and careers . . . 

JobJob is an activity through which an individual can earn money. It is a regular activity in exchange of payment. Education or special training may or may not be required.

Career: A career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or the general course of progression towards lifelong goals. Usually requires special learning that includes individualized components that develop abilities beyond that which training is capable of.

The fact is that most women are not career women — they have a job that provides an income to help the family—it is really that simple. They are dedicated and hardworking women doing the best they can for their families. They are often working because their husband aren't bringing in enough income and a second income is required. Many work part-time or in casual employment. They are willing to change their jobs to better suit their families.

These women have their hearts at home but they are realists and know that helping their husbands will make a differences (God wants us to make wise decisions and that includes the financial situation at home). I think this group of women are doing a great job and should be applauded for what they do for their families. These women drop in and out of the workforce throughout their working life. They may not work when the children are small, but return to part-time employment when their children enter school. They have limited loyalty to work and have little desire to climb the corporate ladder. 

The definition of a career women is very different. Women who have careers, their work is important to them, they want to climb the corporate the ladder, develop their skills in a specialist area and they are often interested in promotion and are willing to put in the extra hours required. Many are ambitious, they are certainly well educated and earn much more than women in the lower paid occupations.

BUT LETS STOP HERE because, this is where it gets interesting — I have a degree and qualifications, I am in a specialised occupation and earn a comfortable income. I would fit the definition of having a career (similar to a teacher or nurse) — BUT, like many Christian women in my position:

* I do not allow my work to control my life
* I do not take work home with me
* My work is not my life
* I do not work excessive hours
* My work (whilst interesting and enjoyable) is not my primary responsibility
* I am willing (and have) knocked back a promotion if it means longer hours and less time with my family.

And I don't work because of some feminist "lie" or to buy a bigger house or boat.

I make a big effort to make sure that I cook from scratch meals (no microwave meals in my home) and maintain my home.  One of the reasons why things run smoothly at the home front — I selected my job with care, I choose one that didn’t expect long hours and isn’t demanding. I don’t want that sort of career as it would interrupt my home life far too much.

A woman who decided to be doctor is far more likely to have demanding hours and spend far less time at home. For women who choose this career need to think very careful about having children and trying to combine both would be very stressful.

However, in saying all of this — young women with small children should limit the hours they work, they should spend as much time with their children as possible — they are only babes once. There is plenty of time latter in life to pursue a career if you so wish. Young women have a far more important responsibility at home and this should always be their first priority.  In fact, home should be the first priority for all women and her primary sphere of influence.

If a Christian woman does work outside the home and still provide a loving, caring environment for her children and husband, then it is perfectly acceptable for her to work outside the home and it isn't anyone else's business. 

But don't have a career just because you want to be someone important outside the home. Don't find a career because you think it will be far more exciting than being at home. Work if the money is required, enjoy what you do, but ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOUR HEART IS IN THE RIGHT PLACE

Just choose wisely the job you accept, and always pray about it for deciding on the final decision, God may have other plans for you. 


  1. Well said! I do a little work outside the home, but most of mine is done at home as I own an online sewing business and am a freelance reporter. I consider my career to be caring for my family, writing, and sewing, in that order.

    1. Hannah, thanks for dropping by. I think this is what many women forget, for lots of women working - it isn't their first priority, their family and home is - its just to help their husbands and its very sacrificial if you think about it. Sounds like you have a lovely balance.

  2. So true. A job is for earning money, a career is for earning money AND accolades and temporary satisfaction that ends up becoming life-consuming. I was never interested in a career. But I love my job because it fits in with my family and the lifestyle we have chosen in obedience to the Word of God. :)

    1. People so often get these confused - the woman working at the supermarket certainly doesn't have a career, she is earning money to live or add some money to the family budget. It doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy her self, her priorities are just elsewhere.


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