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Another day . . .

What's being happening?

Firstly, my husband had a tooth removed this week and that wasn't fun at all, going to the dentist never is. But everything is healing really well and the pain has almost gone. He was very impressed with the new dentist (who didn't over charge like many others do) and did a great job. 
Secondly, our eldest son had an interview this week and did very well (even though he was very nervous).  The interviewer contacted him on Friday and asked for other bits and pieces which sounds promising.  Praying hard for this one to be successful. 
And finally, we have a new fish tank (4 foot) and ready to fill with water in the next day or two.  Its all rather exciting but I am glad I won't be the one moving the fish as that will be rather stressful for both the fish and dear hubby. Fortunately the lady across the street works at a fish aquarium store and knows everything you need to know about fish - very handy. I will post some photos next update!
No recipes…

Art Friday: Maximilian Luce

Artist: Maximilian Luce
1858 - 1941
French Neo-impressionist artist, printmaker and anarchist (and spent a short time in prison)
Style: Pointillism

A technique of painting in small distinct dots of pure colour to form an imagine 
As a Neo-impressionist, Luce was interested in light and colour - others in the group included Camille Pissarro and Georges Seurat.  

This website page contains some interesting information on the man and his art:

The artist himself

Should women in power knit?

“In terms of knitting for Kate's baby – I knit for babies, in part, because they are smaller projects," Ms Gillard said. "I've got not that much time in my life. You can get them done and there's a sense of satisfaction in having completed it." . . . Critics said the magazine story was a blatant "stunt" and accused Ms Gillard of lacking gravitas and re-enforcing clich├ęd stereotypes about women. (source: Telegraph, 26th June 2013)

I have been amazed at the negative and somewhat nasty comments in regards to a very recent photo shot of Australia’s current former (and first female) Prime Minister - knitting. The photo appears in this months copy of the Australian Women's Weekly, a popular women's magazine and it has cause quite a kerfuffle. No matter what you think of Julia Gillard, I do like the fact that a woman in such a powerful position does ordinary activities like knitting and isn't afraid of sharing her passion with others.  She is …

The royal couple

I read the following in a local newspaper about the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. I really liked this list as its quite old fashion in its view, just look at point 5. What a beautiful couple these two make.
1. Because they still seem so authentically smitten. Always a smile for each other, never a strained glance, their love is so tangible it makes other people happy. For example, the picture of Prince William collecting Kate, who had been struck down with severe morning sickness, from hospital was simple but really touching.

2. Because, as a team, they provide something reliably decent in a crazy world. Together and apart they make themselves so accessible, getting amongst crowds, smiling freely, and seeming to enjoy being friendly to other people. They don't trash their brand on social media, or act affected by their position, or seem to be acting. They just seem so thoroughly nice.

3. Kate seems determined to remain a real person, as well as a princess. He…

Recipe: Sour cream sandwich bread

I really wish you could all be here to enjoy a slice of freshly baked bread as nothing beats the smell and taste of bread just out of the oven.

But . . . wait, I have discovered a new bread recipe that was SO easy to make . . .  you just need a few hours (and most of that time is relaxing reading a book!).
Here is the recipe:  For those new to bread making - 1 sachet of yeast is 7 grams.

What is amazing about this recipe is the kneading or how little you need to knead! I usually make my bread in the KitchenAid as I am not very good at kneading. No need for any fancy equipment with this recipe.  In fact it would be perfect for a older child to make. 

1. After blending together the cold sour cream, salt, sugar, yeast, water and flour it all looks pretty messy, but don't panic - roll the dough into a rough ball (below) - it will look like this. I did need to add the tininess bit of extra water as I …

Another day in my life

I spent the morning at Costco with my eldest son. He has decided not to renew his membership (saving money) but will tag along when I go to Costco.  It was such a nice morning as we chatted  up and down the aisles looking for our food (I had to remember what I needed as I left the shopping list at home).  When we got back to my place he stacked his car with his purchases and then helped me put my goodies away (and taking all the rubbish to the bin).

The afternoon was spent with my eldest brother and his wife who were visiting my part of the world. It was lovely to spend time with them. 
Made Osso Bucco this week, what a great recipe on a cold night and was perfect in the slow cooker.  I made cheesy mash potatoes to have with ours.
This link will take you to 27 amazing art works (warning: does contain some immodesty) - these are not photos which is what makes it more incredible. These artists are gifted for sure, if only I had t…

Art Friday: Emily Hilda Nicholas

Artist: Emily Hilda Nicholas (nee Rix) (1884 - 1961)
Born: Victoria, Australian (lived in Britain and Paris)
These are lovely soft gentle pieces of art (but also very Australian), just love the work of this artist. If you have time, check out her bio as she is a very interesting lady.

Biography source:

The art of Emily Hilda Nicholas is being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra until 11 August 2013. I do hope I can find the time to see this beautiful collection of her works.