Another day . . .

What's being happening?

Firstly, my husband had a tooth removed this week and that wasn't fun at all, going to the dentist never is. But everything is healing really well and the pain has almost gone. He was very impressed with the new dentist (who didn't over charge like many others do) and did a great job. 

Secondly, our eldest son had an interview this week and did very well (even though he was very nervous).  The interviewer contacted him on Friday and asked for other bits and pieces which sounds promising.  Praying hard for this one to be successful. 

And finally, we have a new fish tank (4 foot) and ready to fill with water in the next day or two.  Its all rather exciting but I am glad I won't be the one moving the fish as that will be rather stressful for both the fish and dear hubby. Fortunately the lady across the street works at a fish aquarium store and knows everything you need to know about fish - very handy. I will post some photos next update!

No recipes this week - haven't cooked anything new, just our old favourites.  But I can report that my cousin's daughter (aged 8 years and 11 months) cooked the bread I posted on Monday and it turned out beautiful and all the family enjoyed eating it. Excellent news:))))) Well done D. 

The closest I will get to food this week is this - if you are a fan of pistachio nuts like we are, don't throw away the shells, snails don't like them so they are great to put around plants as a deterrent.
Photography by Joluise

What do you think of this idea?

I have just discovered an online company "Spineless classics" who produce posters of famous classic novels and recreates the entire story on a poster, word for word.  Below is Peter Pan which measures 700mm by 1000mm, so they are quite large. I think they are a fabulous idea, just don't have a wall to put one on sadly. If I did, I would go for Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice. Interestedly, the store is often asked to produce "To Kill a Mocking Bird" but its one book they can't do - must be a copy right issue. They do not come framed, but fit standard sizes so shouldn't be too hard to get a frame. 

What book would you want to see on this sort of poster?

Books, books and more books . . . 

I have finished reading Diary of a SAHM by Australian Christian Blogger, Jess Newman and I felt exhausted by the end.  I think she is very honest about the ups and downs of motherhood, warts and all.  The good and the bad when it comes to her children, to her faith, to running her home, being a mother - its hard work and full of challenges that is rarely noticed by others. Once your children grow up, you quickly forget the exhaustion of young children so this was a good reminder I must say.  

After three non-fiction books, now its time for a little lite reading with "The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared" by the Swedish author Jonas Jonasson. It was recommended to me by a 91 year old Swedish man, who's daughter thinks he might be reading it to plan his own escape in 8.5 years!!  This wouldn't be everyones cup of tea, but I am finding it funny, whimsical and a change from my other reading.

And today I picked up from my library "Forged with Flames" by Ann Fogarty and Anne Crawford about the courageous story of Ann Fogarty who was very badly burnt when the devastating bush-fires of 1983 ripped through South Australia and Victoria. This book won't be lite reading for sure but one that is a little closer to my heart as its the fires that caused such havoc to my own parents. 

Sewing . . . 

I haven't done much latterly, busy with other things. But today I finally finish this cushion for my new arm chair in the study. However someone else things thinks the arm chair and cushion are for her! She is more than happy if I sit on the ottoman as long as she gets the armchair!! Cats, they most certainly know where the comfort is!!!

How are you?  
How was your week?

I know a few of my readers are going through tough times and I pray that in the coming week the Lord will bring you strength and comfort. Hugs xx



  1. Hi Jo-- just saying the word dentist totally freaks me out-- I'm terrified-- go figure (me being a nurse and all!!) I'm glad your husband is doing well:)

    Fingers crossed your son gets the new job-- we Moms sure do worry about those things!!

    Are you kidding me???? I had no idea about the shells (and snails!!) wow- that's interesting! Will pass that along to my "gardener!"

    You always read the most interesting books--
    And lastly- the poster is amazing- if I had a wall for it--- I'd have to have one!


  2. Wow, I didn't know that about the pistachio shells either - what a great thing to learn!!

    That poster idea is cool - I've seen the entire Bible printed on a poster - amazing!

    Do hope your eldest gets the job! Job interviews are not fun.

    Been very busy this week, doing school prep... Not much time for anything else... But I did get a bit more organising/cleaning/unpacking done, which made me feel achieved. :)

    1. Still waiting to hear about the interview, lots of prayers.

      I am really looking forward to going through all our books in a few weeks and setting up book cases in my study and turning it into a library/study. It will be wonderful having a wall of books and it will certainly create more space (to fill with more books!).

  3. lol - love the cat pic! Yes they sure do know about comfort. Love the elephant fabric too!

    1. I bought the elephant fabric from spotlight and turned half of it into a cushion. I'm pleased with the results. Ruby also agrees!!

  4. I went to the dentist myself. It truly is worse than going to the lady doctor, in my opinion! I'm glad your husband is better.

    I hope you have a blessed week!

    1. Completely agree with you on the dentist, very scary:((( dear hubby is now fine, fully recovered. He copes far better with pain compared to me.

      Thankyou for stopping by.


  5. Thanks for the newsy post. :-) I didn't know that about pistachio shells either. (That's a nice touch in the photo, by the way, with the pistachio edged dish). :-)

    Cats are also good at appropriating comfortable furniture, if they're allowed. ;-)

    1. Cats can always find the sunniest spot and the most comfortable place to rest, they have it down to a fine art.

      After I told my husband about the shells he thought he better eat heaps to help me in the garden.


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