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Encouraging our husbands

Whilst I was writing the Ministry of Encouragement post the other day, I read something interesting by Nancy Leigh DeMoss: 
Your husband needs you to be his number one cheerleader andif you are not going to be an encourager in his life, there are plenty of other women who will. It’s no wonder, though no justification, that so many marriages are breaking up today because a man goes into his work place, and he can find women all over the work place who will fall all over themselves to encourage him. They will listen. They will care. They will show concern. They will show appreciation and admiration, and then he comes home, and he’s got a discouraging, whining, dripping faucet wife.
Your husband, if you are married, should probably be the number one person on your list of people to look for ways to encourage. Your encouragement can make such a difference in your husband’s life and in the way that he encourages you in turn. (Source)
If you don't encourage your husband, they will find oth…

Encouraging bible verses

In yesterday's blog I wrote about the importances of being an encourager to others and tomorrow I have written a post about the importances of encouraging your husband. Today I thought I would look a few bible verses that are so encouraging to you. Because whilst it is important to encourage others, you too need all the encouragement you can get as you travel through your journey in life . . . and the Bible is the ONLY place to find it.
The Lord wants us to encourage others and to help us do that, He provides many many verses on this very topic and through encouraging us, we can encourage others. 
What does encouragingmean
. . .  giving someone support or confidence; supportive.
. . .  positive and giving hope for future success

And that is what God does through His word such as the bible verse below. Nothing can separate us from the love of God, no matter where we are, what we are doing or what others are doing around us. This is an amazing verse to carry with us always. 
Yet in al…

The Ministry of Encouragement

I wish I can say that the term "Ministry of Encouragement" was my invention. It isn't. I read it in my daily devotional by Nancy Leigh DeMoss and I loved it. This is what Nancy has to say about the importances of encouragement and I couldn't agree more:
In a world where terrorism, war, violence, and divorce are everyday topics, one of the most vital ministries we can have as women is the ministry of encouragement.
We've all felt the energy-draining effects of the discourager. Discouraging people drag us down instead inspiring us to hope and take heart in God.  
Being an encourager doesn't come naturally for most of us, but, for a believer, it's not an option. It's a command based in the love of God.
Thirty-two times in the New Testament we are reminded of things we are to do for “one another.” One of these commands is to encourage one another (Heb. 3:13). When we encourage others, we are reflecting the heart of God, who is “the God of encouragement” (Rom.…

Art Friday: Ballooning (Part 2)

Last week it was ballooning in the air — today its balloons on the ground about to take off. I found it all very exciting, watching balloons being unrolled, inflated and taking off. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Here is some trivia about ballooning!

* A rooster, a duck and a sheep were the first hot air balloon passengers: In 1783, the first hot a ir balloon was set to fly over the heads of Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and the French court in Versailles. Like monkeys in space, this odd assortment of animals was chosen to test the effects of flight. Sheep, thought to be similar to people, would show the effects of altitude on a land dweller, while ducks and roosters, which could already fly (albeit at different heights), would act as controls in the experiment. The balloon flew on a tether for 8 minutes, rising 1500 feet into the air and traveling 2 miles before being brought safely to the ground. The animals were unharmed. (source)

* Champag…

What to look for in a husband in 1939!

I bought a great book a few months ago and it contacts some very old fashion advice to women, including advice on finding one's husband. I would love to share some of this advice and ponder how much has changed in 77 years:
1939 Ladies Handbook for home treatments . . . 
In choosing a partner for life there are many things to be considered. The young woman should choose a man of high ideals, noble character, and a pure life; a man of sound constitution and good heredity. He could be of suitable age, of pleasing disposition, and her equal, though not her superior, in social position. 
He should be a young man of proven worth, not flitting from one position to another and making a success of none. He should have demonstrated his ability to earn a reasonable living and to provide for the necessities and comforts of a family. We do not suggest that an accumulated fortune is essential to the happiness of the wedded fait, though a few pounds in the bank do not come amiss in case of accide…

My son took me to the zoo!!

My sons are all grown up and I didn't expect one to invite me the zoo!! We had a wonderful time seeing all the animals, in particular the lions being fed.  Before the zoo we went out for pancakes (breakfast) which was loads of fun. It was such a nice outing :) 
When your children leave home and start lives of their own, you don't spend any where near as much time together as you once did. But when you do, it is so much fun and the memories are treasured!! 

Biblical domesticity

"home or family life" "life inside a home"
"the atmosphere is one of happy domesticity"

Biblical domesticity
Creating a home were God is the reason for all things done

She watches over the ways of her household 
(Proverbs 31:27)

Homemaking or biblical domesticity is a noble calling that we should feel honoured that we have been given this privilege which allows us to create a beautiful place for our families.  However, homemaking is either glorified as the ultimate womanly calling or hated as a contributor to the suppression of women everywhere.
The funny thing about homemaking — we all need to do it if we choose to live in a home, otherwise we live in a hovel! So whether we like or not, we still need to do it. But — biblical homemaking is different, its done with a different attitude, a different mindset, a different purpose. 

Its done with God at the centre. 

* We need to "build over our homes": Homes don't just create themselves…

Art Friday: Ballooning (Part 1)

I have always wanted to get up early to see this spectacular display of balloons, but  as I'm not overly keen about getting up early on weekends I have always missed it in the past. However these days it is a little different. I take my son to work on weekends and need to be on the road by 6:30am. A few minutes from where he works is this gorgeous lake so finally I was able to watch this beautiful event. 
There is something wonderful about watching a sun rise whilst balloons drift silently across the sky.

All photos have been taken on a smart phone — sadly I left my Canon at home which would have taken much clearer photos, but my phone didn't let me down.