My son took me to the zoo!!

My sons are all grown up and I didn't expect one to invite me the zoo!! We had a wonderful time seeing all the animals, in particular the lions being fed.  Before the zoo we went out for pancakes (breakfast) which was loads of fun. It was such a nice outing :) 

When your children leave home and start lives of their own, you don't spend any where near as much time together as you once did. But when you do, it is so much fun and the memories are treasured!! 


  1. How wonderful to spend time with your grown son, in such a entertaining way!
    Cherished moments.

  2. I'm sure that once you took him to the zoo, now things have changed, haven't they {{smiles}} !
    Obviously you had fun, at the zoo isn't possible not to be charmed and enjoy the time which there go so fast !!!

    Hope you're having a blessed week,
    I'm sending much love for wishing you a Happy Easter ahead, dear Jo !
    With sincere gratitude


    1. It is lovely when roles change!! Thankyou for all your best wishes - I am looking forward to Easter and may yours be filled with blessings.


  3. Sounds like a wonderful outing!! Pancakes for breakfast would be yummy. And zoos are always fun - especially if you love taking photos of animals!! You got some great photos!

    1. I'm sure you children will do these sorts of things for you when they are older :)) Pancakes is something we do once every so often and its fun (not that I usually eat a big breakfast!)

  4. Wonderful photos from a surprise occasion.

    1. :) thanks - I agree, it was such a lovely day!


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