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Difficulties in life are simply a given

Even though difficulties will be faced by all of us, the Bible provides all the support we need to get through them. These verses are our life-boat so we don't drown.
Lean on Him and all things are possible.
And take all things to the Lord in pray.

Room by room: The bathroom

The bathroom
We all need a bathroom, it's the place that the entire family use during the day (and night) to keep clean and visit the toilet!!  My bathroom is made up of three rooms, a shower room, a bathroom (with bath and sink) and a toilet (which I think Americans call something else!!).  Whatever combination you have, it is a room that is used everyday and is an essential space in the house. It is also the room that needs to have everything working tiptop. Toilets flushing properly, showers not leaking, taps not dipping . . . a lot of water (money) can go down the drain if these things are not keep well maintained. 

We have a relatively new bathroom in our home as we renovated the old bathroom which was falling apart. Bathrooms can be very expensive to renovate. We had asbestos in the walls that had to be removed with great care, the plumbing had to be re-done, new tiling and new fixtures. It didn't come cheap. We decided to not do it ourselves and found an excellent build…

Random Tuesday #16


101 ways to find more contentment and joy

We live in a world that is suffering from a complete lack of contentment and joy. People seems to be always searching for "it": buying self-help books, going to therapists, altering their diets, going on holidays to "discover" themselves, changing jobs, buying things believing material goods will make them happy but contentment continues to allure them.  It isn't that hard when you think about — the first place to look is in the bible and to study God's Word where there are so many verses about joy and contentment such as rejoicing in the Lord always and through rejoicing one WILL find contentment.  We aren't promised happiness, but we will find joy and contentment knowing the Lord, even at the toughest of times. 
I thought I would write down 101 ways to help you on the road to contentment and joy, simple things that are inexpensive, quite easy to do and some can be done with love ones!! But remember, the very last one on this list is the MOST importan…

Bible verse: John 3:16

A favourite of mine. 

Art Friday: Horses

Art Friday: Horses
Today's Art Friday is for a young lady who loves horses. I do hope you enjoy this collection of horses, a creature that has been so loyal to us . . .  taking us places, settling new nations, helping us farm, moving supplies around countries, help in the delivery of mail, carry soldiers in battles, giving us companionship. They are magnificent creatures. The history of humans are intertwined with horses. 
This week Australians remembers our ANZACS (soldiers) who fought at Gallipoli (Turkey) 100 years ago. As one would expect, we remember the loss of human life during war, but sadly we forget the loss of animal life as a result of war. Australia sent 130,000 horses overseas in World War One, only one returned (Sandy, who belonged to Major General Sir William Bridges who died at Gallipoli). Many died and sadly many were put down at the end of the war as it was considered too expensive to return them to Australia. 
Horses during the war were used to pull ambulances, …

Encourage one another

Encouraging one another is SO important. 
So why do many Christian women spend more time tearing each other down instead of building them up. 

Therefore comfort each other and edify one another, just as you also are doing.  (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

The Bible doesn't say we can encourage each other occassionally or whenever we feel like it, or when we are feeling happy . . . we need to do it ALL THE TIME.

We need to encourage, encourage, encourage.
And guess what . . . that means ALL women, not just those at home, or ones with children, or those who you like, those of the same age as you. You can not be selective in who you comfort and encourage. 
But exhort one another daily, while it is called “Today,” lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin. (Hebrews 3:13)
Lets extend a hand to all women, making our blogs feel inviting, so when someone stops by . . . they know they are among friends, a place to find encouragement and comfort.  Your kind words might make all the…


Envy . . . “a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another's advantages, success, possessions, etc.
If we are honest with ourselves, we all get envious or jealous at times. Sometimes it might be subtle in our own minds as we wish things were different, other times it can eat us up, warp our perspective and take us into dark places where we will struggle to get out of. Envy can consume us like a fire.
I have never been overseas and as I get older I feel that perhaps I never will. I would so much love to travel and see the world . . . but due to circumstances, it has never been possible. I know people who are currently traveling overseas, about to or planning to do so.  At work my colleagues all talk about their overseas trips with such joy and excitement, all the wondrous places they have seen and how much they look forward to their next trip. I sit quietly because I don't want to mention that I have never left this country and unlikely to. 
Yes, I get…

Finding joy: free download


Art Friday: Henry Edward Spernon Tozer

Art Friday: Henry Edward Spernon Tozer 1870 - 1940 British
Love these paintings, they are so homely and cosy and I am sure over the years, I have stepped into a few homes that look like these. Like many homes of the past, the kitchen (which was often large) was the room that many lived in almost all the time. It was the warmest room in the house over winter (and why burn another fire in the house when the kitchen fire did the trick - it saved on wood and coal) with the good light from the window, it was a perfect place for women to work on their sewing whilst they kept an eye on their dinner cooking.

I particular like the painting with the older woman still by the fire quilting. I almost want to reach in and sit in the chair opposite and hear her stories.


Room by room: The hallway

The hallway
This is probably a space you didn't think I would cover as it isn't technically a room . . . its a space that takes us from room to room and often sadly neglected. It is also often part of the entrance to your house and is the "room" that sets the tone of how your guests will feel about coming into your house. Is your entrance hallway inviting, warm and welcoming?  How does it "feel"? Have a look at your entrance hall and see how others might view it.

Lets focus first on the hall nearest your entrance. What makes it inviting . . . do guests feel that this is a home, a place they want to keep entering.

I think entrance hallway need to be neat and tidy (even if you have children). If it is a place to keep shoes, why not add attractive baskets for the shoes, the dollar store often has baskets that are inexpensive.

If it is a place to dump the keys and bags, add a small table, bowl for the keys and interesting hooks on the wall for storage.

If the f…