101 ways to find more contentment and joy

We live in a world that is suffering from a complete lack of contentment and joy. People seems to be always searching for "it": buying self-help books, going to therapists, altering their diets, going on holidays to "discover" themselves, changing jobs, buying things believing material goods will make them happy but contentment continues to allure them.  It isn't that hard when you think about — the first place to look is in the bible and to study God's Word where there are so many verses about joy and contentment such as rejoicing in the Lord always and through rejoicing one WILL find contentment.  We aren't promised happiness, but we will find joy and contentment knowing the Lord, even at the toughest of times. 

I thought I would write down 101 ways to help you on the road to contentment and joy, simple things that are inexpensive, quite easy to do and some can be done with love ones!! But remember, the very last one on this list is the MOST important.

If you have more to add to the list, let me know. Enjoy :)

** 101 ways to find more contentment and joy**
  1. Slow down
  2. Focus on the blessings in your life
  3. Let go of negative thoughts
  4. Visit the library
  5. Accept that life is not perfect
  6. Don't take yourself too seriously
  7. Have meaningful goals - they give you purpose
  8. Cultivate friendships — to have friends, be a friend
  9. Be supportive to others, encourage others
  10. Seek support and help when needed
  11. Don’t be stubborn
  12. Search out the natural beauty around you
  13. Don't confuse materialism with happiness
  14. Know that money will never buys happiness
  15. Enjoy what you have
  16. Simplify your life
  17. Go for a quiet walk
  18. Stop and smell the roses
  19. Don’t get uptight if the dusting isn’t done
  20. Be more creative
  21. Wear bright colours to cheer up your day
  22. Be yourself
  23. Be more spontaneous
  24. Pick flowers for your house
  25. Challenge yourself
  26. Don’t be harsh on yourself
  27. Spend more time with contented happy people
  28. Keep a contentment journal for writing about the things that give you joy
  29. Find what you love to do and make it your life's work
  30. Be willing to learn and experience new things
  31. Be flexible
  32. Be open-minded
  33. Read books that are uplifting
  34. Enjoy simple pleasures
  35. Listen to running water from a fountain
  36. Practice gratitude
  37. Be honest
  38. Dream
  39. Phone someone you haven’t spoken to in ages
  40. Do nothing occasionally
  41. Think improvement, not perfection
  42. When things aren't going well; know that it will pass
  43. Know that it's not what happens to you, but how you perceive it that's important
  44. Learn to live in and savour the moment
  45. Exercise regularly
  46. Learn to focus on the now
  47. Get plenty of sleep
  48. Maintain a healthy diet
  49. Enjoy simple meals
  50. Bake a cake and share with friends or give to a neighbour
  51. Cut back on caffeine
  52. Enjoy afternoon tea with a friend
  53. Get plenty of sunshine
  54. Listen to the birds sing
  55. Get a pet
  56. Lie on the grass and watch the clouds float by
  57. Disconnect with technology — turn off your phone
  58. Enjoy good conversation
  59. Have a hobby or three
  60. Don’t stress about things you can’t change
  61. Take time for fun
  62. Practice moderation
  63. Cultivate an appreciation for the arts
  64. Read books by inspiring and uplifting authors
  65. Stop reading things that cause you distress
  66. Help others
  67. Have a strong and solid faith
  68. Don't sweat the small stuff
  69. Smile for no particular reason
  70. Laugh daily
  71. Notice the small insignificant things around you
  72. Cultivate compassion
  73. Listen to others
  74. Be agreeable
  75. Don’t argue, you don’t need to win every argument
  76. Give hugs
  77. Go for a walk
  78. Dance around the house
  79. Listen to beautiful music
  80. Watch less TV
  81. Consume happy media, skip the news
  82. Talk to strangers
  83. Offer compliments to others
  84. Visit the playground and have a swing, fly to the moon
  85. Sing in the shower
  86. Be humble
  87. Give it your best
  88. Share other’s joy and blessings
  89. Pamper yourself occasionally
  90. Practice graciousness
  91. Go on a picnic
  92. Love more
  93. Give encouragement freely
  94. Be gentle
  95. Always find the positive in all you do
  96. Live well, love much and laugh often
  97. Share your contentment and happiness with others
  98. Enjoy a rainy day rather than find fault in it
  99. Pray everyday
  100. Thank the Lord for all that He provides
  101. **Read your bible everyday and read some more. (most important of them all)**



  1. Wonderful list, Jo! Godliness with contentment is GREAT gain.

    1. Thankyou - without God we will never find contentment :)

  2. This is a great list, Jo. I read it to my family and we all agreed that these things can help in making life more joyful. We thought of some things you could add:
    - Unplug from Facebook (Dan's suggestion)
    - Do some colouring
    - Listen to an audiobook
    - Do a jigsaw puzzle
    - Avoid fear completely (2 Timothy 1:7)
    - Go on a holiday
    - Take a walk on the beach
    - Gather with friends or family and sing hymns together!
    I think some of the things that could be on the list and even perhaps some of the ones on the list might not be so easy/joyful for some people, depending on their personality and abilities... But on the whole people find joy in very similar ways.

    1. They are all great ideas and would certainly help with the road to contentment. My son told me he can't do jigsaws as he finds them very stressful, so perhaps for some that isn't a joyful activity!! However my dad and I find it very relaxing and calming :)))) I spent the afternoon embroidering and appliquéing and that has been very relaxing :)

    2. Same with my hubby and 10 year old son - they find puzzles a real chore. My 6 year old son and I love them. Everyone finds their joy in different places.

    3. I love doing them Jayne and find them so relaxing :))

  3. Beautiful list of things in which we can find contentment and peace! One of my favorite things to do is to find a mountain to gaze upon, and it always reminds me of that scripture that says "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth." Psalms 121:1-2 Wonderful post today! Enjoyed it very much!

    1. Where I live we have a beautiful mountain range which I look at every morning driving to work. They change colours depending on the seasons and is a constant reminded that God created all things including these mountains. And I love the verse you quote, its so beautiful and perfect.

  4. What a great post, thank you Jo for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. I suppose the only thing I would change on the list would be to put No 101 to No 1 - that being the most important, but it is a great list. Thanks and blessings

    1. I thought of that - and tossed the idea about then decided to pop it at the end because whilst every else is important the most important are the last three - nothing else really matters.

    2. Yes, you definitely ended on a strong note Jo. Definitely a great list. Blessings

  5. Fabulous list! We all need these reminders at times. I have printed this out to re-read often when I feel overwhelmed or down. Thanks so much!

    1. If you aren't familiar with my Facebook page - pop over when you are feeling down as I try to make it a place of joy and happiness and to brighten the days of those who need brightening :))


  6. Thanks for compiling all these simple yet effective ways to find contentment in life. Truly life is better when you feel satisfaction and peace within yourself. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the list - most things are inexpensive and easy and life in turn will be much more peaceful and calm.

  7. This list is wonderful :-) And I sure needed to read it!

    1. Thanks Sandy - its the sort of list to revisit when feeling adrift :)

  8. Thanks for sharing this awesome list with us at Inspire Me Monday - it was one of my favorite articles this week!
    Congratulations - you are one of our Featured Guests this week!

    1. Thankyou so much and thankyou for being one of the featured guests :))

  9. I love #6 and do #82 often - it usually throws people. :) Thank you for sharing this list. I'm hopping over from Create With Joy's Inspire Me Monday - your image drew me in and I am thankful for these reminders. Nice to e-meet you!
    Cool Mom for the
    Stanley & Katrina Gang

    1. My mum was an expert at talking to strangers and it use to embarrass us all the time when we were children!! Now I do it and think its very normal!! Thankyou for stopping by and yes, it is lovely to talk with people you don't know!!!

  10. These are fantastic. Almost two years ago I left my job to stay home with my youngest before he starts school in Aug. Going to a single family income, I have been appreciating these little things more and more with my family. Thanks for sharing with Small Victories Sunday Linkup. Pinning to our linkup board and hope you found some great posts to visit this week!


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