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Art Friday: Its all about butter

Using butter to create art
The next time you catch your children (or husband) playing with the butter, encourage them to create masterpieces like these! Here is some art that is bound to make you smile!! Enjoy. 

I do wonder what happens to the sculptures afterwards, do they up on toast?

A very quick chocolate cake

There are many reasons why I like reading blogs, but one particular reason is reading other blogs about food and recipes. I like to find recipes that others have tried and tested and know that work!!  Saves me the hassle!  So, thanks Sandy for your chocolate cake, it was fast to make, moist and ever so yummy.  This would be perfect for a beginner to make and being so fast, one to make if unexpected visitors were on their way.
Like all recipes, I make changes (sorry Sandy) and I did it to this one too. Do check Sandy's recipe so the next bit makes more sense!! As I am not vegan I exchanged the water for milk and I added 1 egg (but to be honest it works quite well without an egg). If you do add 1 egg, reduce your milk by just a little so you don't end up with more liquid. I also didn't add any vinegar. As I didn't have any wholemeal flour, I just used plain flour - worked just as well.  Shows you that these sorts of recipes are quite adaptable.  

Friends forever

"We'll be friends forever,
won't we, Pooh?"
asked Piglet.

"Even longer", Pooh answered.
A. A. Milnes

New Etsy Store: Claradan & Co Handmade

My cousin Clara has opened up an Esty store:  Claradan & Co Handmade

Clara is a homeschooling mum with two growing children (7 and 8). She is an excellent seamstress and very clever with her drawing and now putting these skills to wonderful use by creating and selling a range of items on her new Esty store. 
I spent a week in Queensland with Clara and her family and I can tell you, she puts many many hours into selecting the right fabrics, deciding what to make and then creating these wonderful pieces. Whilst I was there she sold a number of items and received custom orders, such as making puppets, dolls clothes and even ballet slippers!! 
I would highly recommend checking out her Esty store and see what she has for sale.  I know she has plans for many other items and I can't wait to share them with you when they come available. I have my eye on a few "future" products!!
She is very happy to do custom orders and I know she is currently busy doing one right now.  You …

Art Friday: Ian Davie

Artist: Ian Davie British, lives in Wales

Feather Art using discarded feathers from the swan
English artist Ian Davie has a unique canvas for his artwork: discarded swan quills (swans are protected in Britian by the Crown). Using feathers collected during the birds' annual moult from a swannery near to his home (Snowdonia National Park, Wales), Ian has spent the past four years perfecting his craft.
After cleaning the often dirty quills and individually straightening them out with tweezers, Mr Davie, 47, then begins the arduous process of painting onto the swans discarded feathers. Prior to turning 40, Ian Davie had never painted a picture, but once he started he realised he was too bad at it! Davie uses a special acrylic paint that protects and coats the feather, and a specialised 000-size brush to fill in the finer details.

I have just come back from being away and still catching up with everything, including my blog. Whilst I do that, enjoy this picture!!  Thought you might find this funny.

Our great creator

When we hear the music, we know there was a composer.  When we read coherent writing, we know there was an author. How much more does this principle apply to the detailed information contained in the DNA of every living creature? 

Why do so many believe that there was no author, no composer in the creation of our world?
Because it requires complete faith in the word of God.  Nothing we see, or smell or touch was created randomly. Nothing. So many random acts can not create the order we see today in the array of animals and plants we have. 

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth

Quote (in italic) is from The Battle for the Beginning:
Creation, Evolution and the Bible by John MacArthur (p. 137)