Art Friday: Its all about butter

Using butter to create art

The next time you catch your children (or husband) playing with the butter, encourage them to create masterpieces like these! Here is some art that is bound to make you smile!! Enjoy. 

Pig family by Jim Victor
Butter rose by William Thomas
Butter art by Jim Victor
by Jim Victor
Artwork by Vipular Athukorale (former chef)
Each piece can take Artwork by Vipular Athukorale  up to 15  hours to complete . After trying different butters, he now uses pastry butter as it works the best.
Artwork by Vipular Athukorale 

artist unknown
I do wonder what happens to the sculptures afterwards, do they up on toast?

Monroe artist unknown
Liberty Bell by artist unknown
By Jim Victor
By Jim Victor


  1. People are just so crazy! Butter? That is so weird!
    Hope you have a great weekend =)

  2. Wow, those are amazing! But seriously, who would think to make art out of butter???! :)

    1. It probably started as a child when he played with butter at the breakfast table and got into trouble!!

  3. Amazing! I'm surprised the butter didn't melt with all that handling before the artwork was completed!

    1. I wonder if they add anything to it to stop it from melting. And what a waste of butter!!


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