New Etsy Store: Claradan & Co Handmade

My cousin Clara has opened up an Esty store: 

Clara is a homeschooling mum with two growing children (7 and 8). She is an excellent seamstress and very clever with her drawing and now putting these skills to wonderful use by creating and selling a range of items on her new Esty store. 

I spent a week in Queensland with Clara and her family and I can tell you, she puts many many hours into selecting the right fabrics, deciding what to make and then creating these wonderful pieces. Whilst I was there she sold a number of items and received custom orders, such as making puppets, dolls clothes and even ballet slippers!! 

I would highly recommend checking out her Esty store and see what she has for sale.  I know she has plans for many other items and I can't wait to share them with you when they come available. I have my eye on a few "future" products!!

She is very happy to do custom orders and I know she is currently busy doing one right now.  You can contact Clara direct via her Esty account and I am sure she will be happy to hear from you.

Green Floral Lined Pouch/cosmetic bag - 100% cotton.  I bought 2 of these (different colours), one to keep and one to give as a birthday present. They are beautifully sewn and the fabrics that Clara selects are lovely. 
Miss Mouse hand puppet - perfect for any child. While I was staying with Clara made 2 custom puppets that were just adorable. 
Girls novelty tote - I love how Clara has matched contrasting fabric inside, these are so pretty. I have bought one to give as a gift as I liked them so much.
Bright Spots Reversible tote - these measure 28 cm (11") wide by 28 cm (11") from base to top of handle. These have many uses from hold baby items, shower bag, peg bag, bible study books etc...   
Blue tissue cover with trim - all the tissue holders are made by Clara's 8 year old daughter (Holly) - these are well made and would make a lovely gift.
Compact matchbook notebook - Clara doesn't only sew, she is very good at drawing and all designs on these notebooks are Clara's! Do you need a small gift to send someone that will slip into a card, these are perfect. 
Keychain - another one of Clara's designs, this is very cute.  If you are after those "stocking filler" type gifts, this would certain be perfect. 
Digital image - Clara's artist skills extend to creating her own digital images, these are great when  making your own cards.

This is what Clara's husband said about her work "Each one is a labour of love - trust me, I know. My wife sites and works on these for hours to make sure they are 'just right'. "  Dan, you are spot on!!

I wanted to share with you the tote I bought - isn't this so pretty.   

Three years ago Clara gave me a beautiful hand sewn bag for my birthday. I use it every day (to carry my lunch and book to work) and believe me, it has shown no sign of wear or tear. Her sewing is really strong and the fabrics she selects are right for the purpose the item is being used for.  I am one of her "happy customers" and very pleased to promote her store. 


  1. Thanks for writing this, Jo! It's very well written... and it made Clara cry. ;-)

    I love it when my wife gets in the press!

  2. Hi Jo! Haven't been much into blogging or visiting blogs these days, but it's raining here today and perfect for a bit of reading, so I thought I would call stop by and say hi! Thank you for the link to Clara's work.. I have placed an order. I love the Mouse puppet! It will be on my wish list (or something similar) for later -- so cute!
    Hope you are all well..
    God bless!

    1. Hi Amanda,

      So pleased you stopped by and then went off to Clara's store, she was thrilled to pieces:)

  3. Nice post, Jo. I linked to it from my blog today. :-) I thought it was well said.

    1. No problems, the more eyes that see it the better:))

  4. Hi Jo-- it's so gracious of you to help promote Clara's new Etsy shop. She really does have lots of lovely items. I wish her the very best with her new venture!!

    1. Thankyou Vicki,
      Clara is a talented sewer and I know lots of people pray that her new venture does really well.

      Blessings for the week ahead

  5. Wow that's great! Thanks for letting us know, I'll definitely check her store out:) I didn't realise she had moved to qld. I used to follow her blog when she was blogging. All the best Clara (if you read this) you are so talented and I'm sure you'll do well by God's grace !

    1. I had a lovely week with her and her family last week, she lives in a pretty spot. Yes, Clara will see your message:))

    2. Thank you so much, Rosemary! :) We moved to Queensland late last year and are living on a mini farm now, right next door to my lil sister and her brood. :)

    3. Great Clara! Enjoy your new life up there!


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