Art friday: Angus Clifford Racey Help

Artist: Angus Clifford Racey Help

1913 - 1970

English children's author and illustrator, designer of postcards, greeting cards, jigsaws, playing cards and wrapping paper. 

His first success as an author and artist came during World War II with stories written for her. When the war came, Anne was packed off to a less noisy part of the country, but she still insisted on her story, and so Helps wrote them down for her, drew pictures to illustrate them, and sent them to her. During that time, Racey and his wife Irene Helps lived in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, and were hosts to many young American soldiers based in the town, besides running a hairdressing salon. On one occasion a publisher happened to drop in and pick up one of Helps's handwritten, illustrated booklets. Helps was invited to London to discuss publication of future work. (source: Wikipedia)


  1. Jo,
    I loved these types of illustrations since I was a child. I love them still. Thank you for sharing them, as they made me smile on a cloudy and rainy day.


    1. I think these sorts of paintings stay as cute as they were when we were young :) So glad you have enjoyed them !!

  2. Love the pantry photo!!! :)

    1. All her mice children are wanting to know what is going on!!!

  3. These are fantastic, I love them!!! :D


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