Modern Modesty: Scarves

I love wearing scarves and wear them heaps.

Scarves can be purchased for very little which means you can own lots of scarves and jazz up the same top in many different ways.

Scarves come in every colour imaginable, fabric and length giving you lots of variation on how to wear a scarf. 

Scarves can turn an ordinary top into something sophisticated. 

Scarves can cover up a low neck line and create a modest outfit.

Scarves can add colour and femininity to an outfit.

Scarves can keep you warm and toasty in winter. 

Scarves can be placed on the head, around the neck, over the shoulders, as a wrap,a belt  or even in your hair — scarves are a very versatile piece of fabric!!

French women are known for their scarves and they know how to wear them both as a fashion statement and for comfort and warmth.

Scarves are great for any season. 

Add a brooch to a scarf to create a different look.

Scarves can be a casual addition to an outfit or something very chic. 

Scarves are an alternative to a necklace or beads.

If you are unsure how to wear a scarf or it isn't something you have done before there are many photos and videos available on Pinterest and Youtube that will inspire you. Why not try out a couple of different styles and see which ones you like. 

This is one of my favourites YouTube clips (along with 35 million other viewers!), but you will need to stop and start it as you try out the 25 different ways to wear a scarf:

And as I mentioned above — scarves are perfect when the top you are wearing is a little too low and needs some covering up or if the t-shirt is a little tighter than you like — scarves can turn an outfit from immodest into modest in only a few seconds.


  1. I Wish so hard that I could wear scarves, but I so hot natured it just isn't possible. I'm one of those people that wear short sleeves in winter, lol. I only put on a jacket if I'm going to be outside any length of time, b/c once in, the heating makes me too hot.
    Crazy, I know.

    Of course, I do live in the deep south, so it never gets very cold here...
    Love your posts!

    1. I use to live in the tropical north of Australia and I never wore scarves, it was just way too hot. Since moving to much cooler area where we have a proper winter, I just love them and have built quite a collection!! I completely understand :) Scarves do make nice belts as well!!!

  2. Scarves do look lovely - I used to wear them when I lived further south... but I find it a little warm for them here in winter. The lighter ones would be lovely to wear - but I never think of putting one on! I'm not very trendy!!!

    1. I tend to wear them in the cooler months as they can be hot against the skin in summer :) I love scarves and a plain top can look quite different depending on the scarf I am wearing!!


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