Sewing update

So far I have completed 2 skirts and the third one is half done. I am on a roll and enjoying myself.  Both skirts have been worn to work, one is quite good (for a beginner!), however the spotty one (below) needs the lining shortened (as it can be seen when I am sitting) and I am not overly happy with the shape. But regardless of these issues, no one else probably has a clue!!
This one is just below the knee, very comfortable to wear and sits well. I am very pleased with the results. (sorry for the poor quality photo)
The fabric is heavy cotton (?) and it doesn't crease which is great. The pattern is quirky!
This skirt (mid-calf) was the first I ever attempted to add a lining, its ok - certainly not perfect and I learnt a thing or too about adding lining to a skirt. As no one is going to be peeking at the lining, it really doesn't matter that it isn't perfect.  I should have spent more time working on the fit around the hips as I'm not overly happy about the way it sits. However with a long top, no one can see!
I decided to add some lace to this one and it looks really nice (I think so!). 
Skirt number 3 - same pattern as the other two - this one is more fitted (I really played around with the shape) and will be mid-calf in length. Its woollen and therefore will be lined (red lining). The skirt is made and now I am working on the lining.  I have altered the split so fitting the lining won't be so difficult as it was with the spotty one (which had a flap). 

Far more practice is required, but slowly I am getting there!!  I am learning how to adapt patterns to fit my shape and not rushing does make a huge differences. 

I have been on the hunt for skirt patterns and struggling to find ones I like. I turned to Ebay and it didn't take long to locate brand new patterns that were just what I was looking for that didn't cost very much. So far I have bought 4 and will continue to add to my collect.  
Hoping to make the one the model is wearing - but no hurry as it will be for next summer.
This is a 1950's reproduction with a tailored skirt that tapered towards the bottom and fits well around the hips. This is what I have been looking for as I prefer the fitted look rather than the loose style for work.
Another straight skirt that will come in very handy.  This pattern also comes with some tops I would like to try, something I haven't made before.
I bought this one for the long skirt and the cami pattern.  It will be good to have in the collection even if I don't make it straight away.
I have just spotted this one on eBay and thinking about buying it - I do like the 1950's style. The top looks very tricky and I am along way off making that but the skirt should be possible!  Ok, I bought it and will add it to my pile of possible patterns to make. Love these retro ones. 

Do you have any skirt patterns that you would recommend?  They need to be simple at this stage, I haven't advanced to the next level yet. 


  1. I think that you have done a wonderful job, thus far, with your skirt making. At this time in my life, I'm not up for the challenge of skirt making. I'm glad that you're having a good time making assorted skirts for work.


    1. I have delayed this sewing project until I had the right space and no children at home!! There is certainly a good time for this sort of thing .

  2. Wow, those are lovely! You've done SO well with them! I'm very impressed. :)
    The new patterns look great, too... Will look forward to seeing the results as you work your way through them. :)
    I don't have any new suggestions for you - you've seen all my skirt patterns (and added to their numbers!!!). Haha! :)

    1. I'm quite looking forward to the new patterns and hoping they will be fun to make . The setup I have is really working and I don't see and need for modifications :)))

  3. Oh i do love the lace bit on the black spotty one :-)
    I have that simplicity pattern! I really like it! :-)

    1. Thanks, I bought the lace and decided afterwards what to do with it. I love lace:))

  4. Girlfriend-- you are on a roll!! Wow- you are off to a great start on your sewing venture-- love the skirts--

    I'm seeing lots of new skirt prospects for your closet!! Great job!

    1. Once I've mastered skirts, I want to move onto tops and dresses. Sky is the limit!!!

  5. Hello~ I left a comment earlier but didn't see it post. Just wanted to let you know that your sewing has inspired me. I think you have done a wonderful job and I am going to get working on my dress even though I am afraid of mistakes. Good job and they look GREAT on you!

    1. I have found that "slow and steady" is the key. Once upon a time I would try and complete an outfit in a day, now I do it slowly and if it takes a week it's ok. I'm also learning to modify patterns so they fit better, that has require a little confidences:)) the only way to improve is try!!


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