All quiet

I'm beginning to get worried as I haven't heard from anyone - is anyone out there?? Please do leave a comment if you are passing by :)

Last weekend I bought a scanner and been busy scanning in old family photos. So far I have done 139 with many more to do. It is such a time consuming job but well worth it. I will be turning these photos into a printed book - that's when the fun starts. Below are two photos, one of my 3 aunts - I think they have the most beautiful faces. The second photo is of my 5 great-aunts - Frieda, Bertha, Tilly, Sarah and Luise (who I was named after). These 5 sisters had 5 brothers! The third photo is of my cousin Fran and I in our Sunday best - back in the 1970's. I loved that handbag, I thought it was so trendy!!

To my job - I have been in the new job for 3 weeks, one week home sick with the flu. I am on the mend, but not quite 100% well. I have coughed through this week and will be very pleased when the cough finally goes - I am sure my colleagues would agree as well. I was told today that most people who are getting the flu are getting Swine Flu, so I probably had it. I am beginning to know what I am doing and not feeling quite so lost!!


  1. passing by.... good to see you switch to blogspot too! :)

  2. I check the site very regulaely, and still awaiting a photo of THE SCAR (knee).
    LL S

  3. I love the bottom photo of you and fran. Any ideas who are in the old photos?

    I do pass by, but mostly silently!



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