Cat, crafts and car

Cat - our cat is mad - as we don't have a cat door she bangs on the front screen door to be let in. However on occasions it becomes game - she doesn't want to come, but loves jumping on the door. Up till Saturday I had never seen what she does - and to my amazement she did it in front of me as I was testing my new phone camera!! Picture 1 is Charlie thinking about jumping and picture 2 is the jump back to earth! Sometimes she reaches the top of the screen door then jumps.

Crafts - I have been crafted out this weekend with a trip to the Annual Craft Fair, along with women from all over the region (bused in from far and wide and mostly over 50!!). If you want to know how to spend a lot of money quickly and not have a lot to show for it, visit a craft fair. Expect handmade cards for the next year. Nick, I made yours on Saturday evening!!

Car - last week Tristan lost most of the oil in his car (not that he noticed) - Steven feared the worst - however once he started working on the car, the problem was fixed by a $6.00 part!! Tristan can now drive to work rather than catch buses. Cars!

Have a lovely week and keep smiling :)


  1. Just read your blog and caught up on all the news. Enjoyed the scanned photos. N.


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