My birthday outing

Steven and I went for a drive this morning to Bungendore. There is a lovely restaurant there that makes the best pancakes (but the serves are far too big for one person). While we were out we went past a wind farm, which make such an impression in the landscape. This is quite a large farm which runs along the mountain range, to my surprise some of the poles are very close together.

Thankyou for the many birthday wishes and phone calls (the birthdays cards were all beautiful this year with some inspirational ideas that I might steal for my own card making). I had a lovely birthday - besides my outing, I had a relaxing afternoon with a visit from my friend Kathie, afternoon sleep and watched latest adaptation of "Sense and Sensibility" (Jane Austin) (which is so romantic). For dinner we ordered pizza and had a Bee Sting Torte which was delicious and someone else washed the dishes! Even though a year older, I don't feel any different. When my mum told me that my eldest cousin is turning 60 this year, I felt young!!