We had some lovely showers of rain this morning but sadly they didn't last long enough. But I mustn't complain as every little bit counts. The winds we had the other day knocked all my daffies over, but they weren't damaged so they are now safely in a vase indoors.

This last photo is the "flowers" of a Canadian Maple, strange little things. I can't wait until this tress is fully grown - only need to wait another 20 years (I will be in my 60's) - I can be patient!

I am feeling much better - still have the sore throat and head cold but on the mend. Poor Kat is also sick (but worse than me) - thanks Tristan for sharing the bug. I stayed home from work yesterday and I think sitting in the sun really helped. Plus the long sleep in:) which was much needed.


  1. Sitting in the sun always helps doesn't it!!!
    Love your photos :)
    Lusi x


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