Well, I think spring is almost here - the daffodiles are flowering, there is blossom on the trees and Floriade is only weeks away. I went for a walk today (at lunchtime) and I'm sure you can smell spring in the air. Almost the end of dreary winter (as seen in this photo I took the other morning) and I am feeling much better. However the frosts are still with 3- (C) this morning and again tomorrow.

Disappointing news for both Tristan and Caius who missed out on their jobs. Tristan continues to look for something better and Caius has decided to return to school in 2010.

On the weekend (inspired by Clara) I decided to make a Pumpkin Pie (do you remember the ones you use to cook Nick) - which turned out delicious, however no one else in my family likes it:( so it is all mine (not sure if this is good for my waist line). I thought I might look at my old American cookbooks (that I collect) to see what else I can find.

Work is coming along really well - I have plenty of work to do (which is interesting and varied) and my colleagues are very nice and friendly. Parliament is sitting this week so the place is far busier and I am beginning to understand the bells and flashing lights (from the clocks) that occur through out the day! A whole new expereince.

Photo below taken during my walk today. I was quite surprised how hot I got considering it was only 12C.


  1. wow, your pie looks perfect! Too bad I don't like pumpkin pie either!! :)


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