A new addition

I think you can guess what the new addition is - yes a rat (Hooded rat to be accurate). After Herbert's passing 6 months ago I said no to any more rats. But this is a "rescue rat" - his previous owner no longer wanted him (wanted a bird instead of a rat and was going to get the poor creature "put-down") and a friend took the rat, unfortunately this rat and her other rats didn't get along so the poor thing needed a new home.

Tristan is a softy and said yep - he would love to take "SCAMPS" so we now have a 1 year old rat that is quite large but very sweet.

Caius was thrilled to have another rat as Herbert was his and he loved taking it to bed with him!! Interestingly Charlie the cat has never liked the rats and runs away and hides. Which is a good thing.

So far we have owned: Felix, Zelda, Zoe, Bob, Herbert and now Scamps.

Both my sons love animals and we only have Charlie (the cat) as Caius couldn't bear to see a poor lost soul wandering the streets aged 6 weeks after being dumped (Christmas present) during a heatwave in January.

Neither should ever work at the RSPCA.