Apples and herbs

Very excited as my Patio Pink Lady is finally going to produce apples (she is 2 years old) - my dad told me I will need to reduce the amount of apples otherwise the tree might fall over - the main stem is still quite thin. I am worried that the neighborhood possum will find the fruit and eat it - so I think I will need to cover the tree with netting.
This is my Lemon Balm (herb) which for some reason this year has really grown - producing very large leaves. I am told you can put a leaf in hot water and drink as a herbal tea as it is meant to have a mild sedative/calming agent. You can also crush the leaves and rub on to the skin to repel mossies. However Lemon Balm should be avoided by people on Thyroid medication.

My other herbs (sage, spearmint, mint, purple basil, time and rosemary) are all doing so well - the rain has made all the difference in the amount growing. In fact we had some much mint Tritsan was able to make a large jar of Mint Sauce. My neighbor was thrilled when I said she could help her self!


  1. Do you know if just having the Lemon Balm herb growing repels mossies, or just when crushed?

  2. I think the Lemon Balm needs to be crushed. I have sat next to the plant and got bitten by mossies. it is so easy to grow - but dies back in winter and always returns in spring.


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