Book review: FIREPROOF

Fireproof (based on the screen play by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick)

I don't usually buy books that are heavily advertised with heaps of hype - as Fireproof has been this year - it started off as a movie (which I haven't seen) with all the Christian bookstores heavily promoting it and I thought why not, when I saw the book.

Basically it is about a young (non Christian) couple who have decided to get divorced after 7 years of marriage - as they prepare to divorce, Caleb's (the firefighter husband) father gives him a challenged - it commit to a 40-day experiment called "The Love Dare".  I won't tell you what happens next.....

My views - the book was ok, not a masterpiece of writing which is often the case when they turn a film into a book.  The part about the marriage was interesting.  When does a marriage turn from loving each other and wanting to spend every minute together to fighting over trivia (eg the lost socks).  I doubt many couples could pin point the moment their marriage changed to the worse.

The critical part of the book is the challenge that Caleb's father sets him - The Love Dare.  However the book does not give you the full forty steps - I think only 1/2 dozen are listed (eg the first one is not to "say anything negative to your spouse at all.  If temptation arises, choose not to say anything.  It's better to hold your tongue than to say something you'll regret"

To find out what the full 40 day experiment is - you need to buy the Love Dare book. by the Kendrick brothers  Now that is clever marketing and another $20.00!!!!  And it was that part that really annoyed me.  Basically one book, promotes another book, which of course promotes the movie.  The movie cost 1/2 million to make - but from the sales of the DVD the movie has made $25 million (not bad).

If anyone wants my copy let me know!!!

To be fair - it wasn't a bad read.


  1. Hello & thank you for your comments on my blog! I have rented this movie and plan to watch it soon and maybe blog about it.

    Have a Blessed Day!

  2. Our Church group has the movie Fireproof, so we borrowed it because we had heard it was supposed to be very good for giving ideas about helping make the most of your marriage. It was a good movie, it moved me to tears, but it irritated me that it didn't show all the 40 steps of the love dare! I'd love to borrow the Love Dare book (to get some good ideas - we can always improve on our marriages I reckon) if you ever get it!!! :P

  3. I have just ordered the book and DVD - happy to lend to you. Will let you know what I think of the movie - I haven't found one negative review.

    All marriages need to be maintained - so any way to make improvements I am eager to know


  4. Great! Look forward to it! I agree with you - all marriages are worthy of improvement!! :)

  5. We too have seen the DVD - we missed the church event, where the video was placed to a public audience at Birdwood. The concepts were challenging, whether or whether not you know the 40 steps - one could be creative and write ones own!

  6. I read the book months ago, it was challenging and also frustrating. Would be interested in hearing about the Love Dare...


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