End of the week

So glad to see the end of the week - and relax over the next few days (2 to be correct).  Thought I would give a quick up date.

Tristan still hasn't heard about the ICT apprenticeship - so I made contact and was told they are running a little behind and he should hear from them by the 11th December - I am not very good at waiting, but don't really have any choice!

Only 3 weeks and 6 days to Christmas - so I have started my shopping and Steven and I have put in our leave - something to look forward to (even though it is quite short!).

Hope those in the US enjoyed Thanksgiving - Nick your meal sounded very nice.

On Saturday it is my parents 51st wedding anniversary - not something that is very common any more.

AND summer starts next week - even though it feels like it has been summer all of November!!  We received rain last night (it was so heavy it woke me up) - after days of being promised rain, the Bureau of Meteorology finally got it right.  the garden is looking very happy.

These are my apples - now, I know I should be getting excited over apples (my dad grew thousands of them) - however these are my apples and I am very proud of them?  They look like they are doing very well and appear to be growing quite fast.  Can't wait until they are ready to eat.

That's all from me - Jo