Last week Gaia (our 3 year old Doberman) had an operation - to make sure he was ok, he was allowed to sleep inside for a couple of nights. As you can see by the photo he is looking pretty happy with himself - he is almost smiling!   He has completely recovered from the operation and now back outside with his brother Brenin.

Whilst Gaia was indoors, Charlie the princess cat had to go outside - she was not pleased.  She now has her castle back and she is once again thrilled. She often sits at the window looking out at her dogs feeling very important !!  She was very naughty tonight when I found her with a dead bird that she had caught:(

Nick, do you remember this, that wet summers day in January when we were bored and wanted something to do.  It feels like yesterday.  I think that is me lying on the floor reading whilst you and Ali build a tower.

Time for bed - thinking of the folks in Adelaide who will having a couple of days of 40+C and extreme fire danger.  Our turn is on Thursday and Friday.


  1. I never understand how one is supposed to leave comments, but I'll give it a try. I've not looked at your blog for a week and Stephen alerted me to it last night. Yes I remember the occasion and the photo. I don't know why I remember the photo more as I don't think I own a copy.


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