Outside my window...dark and cool with a clear sky to see the stars (missed seeing the space station going over).

The time is... 9:17 PM

Today I feel... really organized and happy: I booked an eye appointment for me as I need new glasses (haven't been for 3 years), an appointment for the dog to have an operation next Thursday and hairdresser appointment tomorrow and organised a shopping trip for Caius and I next Saturday

The weather here... has been sunny all day at 24C - I love this weather, tomorrow will be 18C with possible showers. We need more rain as the dams are only at 52.4% for summer.

I am thinking... about reading my book and having a cup of Jasmine tea (my favourite drink)

At the moment,I am thankful... my children are healthy and happy
and we are blessed with such wonderful weather.

Dinner tonight...chicken kebabs (marinated in herbs) with oven cooked chips (nice and crisp) and salad - very tasty

I am wearing... pink pyjamas with pink slippers and a tan coloured cardie

I am reading... the new Dan Brown book "The Lost Symbol" (at work) and "Fireproof (at home)

I am working on...a photo album for my parents

I am hearing... the sound of the movie that Steven is watching and no dogs complaining to each other.

Around the house... neat and tidied and all the dishes are done (I don't cope well with mess!!)

I bet you didn't know...that I always want to "own" a cat but with the dogs we never got one, then one very hot summers day a tiny kitten wandered into our lives (dumped by her owners just after Christmas) and we decided to keep her when no one came forward.

Key verse..."Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry" James 1:19 (something I need to learn)


  1. Thanks for coming to my blog. I was not a homeschooler. My children went to a private Christian school for a couple of years, and then were public schooled. I have worked on and off, usually part-time and temporarily, since my marriage, which I see as totally different than being career-obsessed. I don't think a Christian wife is going to go to hell if she works. Everybody's situation is different. Although I try to encourage Christian wives to stay at home, and am in praise of homemaking as a career, I refuse to be condemning or judgmental of those who work for whatever reason. As I am older, I tend to take a more moderate approach, as life is not perfect.

  2. Is that "Fireproof" the one that is very popular in Christian circles at the moment? What do you think of it?

  3. Yes it is and I am planning to write a blog on it once finished - I have mixed comments. Stay tuned!!


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