What do you usually cook for dinner?

I was reading the newspaper today and came across an article about cooking dinner.  According to research - the average British mother relies on just nine different meals to feed her family. Nine in 10 mothers polled admitted cooking the same meals over and over again while one in four made the same meals on the same day of the week. Over half (55 per cent) cook at least two meals to keep the whole family happy!

The research found that the average mother has eight cookery books in the house, but has attempted just five recipes.  I must own at least 50 and must admit I dont use most - I just like looking at the pictures!!  In  fact I gave away 4 cookbooks on the weekend as I have never used them and I thought someone else might! Top nine meals relied upon by UK mums

  1. Spaghetti Bolognese
  2. Roast dinner
  3. Shepherd’s Pie/Cottage Pie
  4. Pasta dish
  5. Meat and two veg
  6. Pizza
  7. Casserole/stew
  8. Sausages and chips/mash
  9. Indian/Curry
I would make numbers 1 to 7 quite often, but I do love salad in summer.  What are your favourite meals?  And do you cook different meals for members of your family?


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  2. No, don't cook different meals for different members of family - we all eat the same thing.
    I am VERY different from the average... I have 5 recipe folders that I have put together from recipe mags, plus many recipe books. I love trying out NEW recipes, and do so on a regular basis. When I create a fortnight menu (or whatever length I chose) I am usually making something new or something different each night for that fortnight. I go through phases of what is my favourite. At present we are having a lot of soup... not much meat...

  3. No we do not have many of those top 10 just a few, like meat and veg. Great post

  4. Thursday last - need a quick meal as we are in and out fast, so usually a frozen diet meal like lasagna.
    Friday - often a platter with ham, oysters, cheese, tomatoes, pickled onion, maybe a advocado dip with chilli.
    Saturday - barbeque lamb chops, sausages, potato and onion on the bbq plate with salad
    Sunday - salad, ham, cheese often platter style again
    Monday - warm chicken salad with lettuce, tomoto, cold bean mix, cold baby potatoes, spring onion, raw broccoli, seasoned with garlic (cooked with the chicken thighs) black pepper and morrocan seasoning.
    Tuesday - scrambled eggs with tomato and spring onion, and bacon (lean)
    Wednesday - meat patties, sausage, potato, onion and mushroom cooked on the bbq with salad - tomato, lettuce and celery.

    I do roasts during winter at least once a week, spag bog occasionally each year, shepherd's pie - not for ever, as one has to cook and mash the potato, then put it together and I rarely have time, but love it, meat and vege or meat and salad once a week, pizza - rarely, casseroles - once a week during winter, curry - time to time, love crumbed fish, often with salad, braised chops in tomato sauce, oven baked chicken in white wine with veges, a selection of asian - dim sims, spring rolls, etc.

  5. We have some favourites that we have regularly, but not a particular day of the week and the favourites come and go in phases. The rest of the time I'm trying new recipes or digging up old ones I haven't made for a long time. I have about 80 recipe books (some are small with maybe 20-30 recipes, others have hundreds or even 1001!) and some cooking magazines. We LOVE trying new things - both Dan and I enjoy finding new/fun/interesting recipes. We use online resources like allrecipes.com or allrecipes.com.au quite a bit as well!!
    I only cook one meal for our family, unless I want to treat Dan by making him something the rest of us don't enjoy so much (like HOT chilli foods etc).

  6. I try not to repear any meals more than once a month, as my husband and I both tire of certain foods easily. We eat do enjoy shephard's pie, as well as the occasional dish of spaghetti (maybe 4 times a year) and homemade pizza as a treat. Our other "normal" foods include enchiladas, meatloaf, spanikopita (spinach pie), quiche, meatballs and noodles, lasagna, french toast bake, and sausage and gravy. We eat breakfast for dinner quite often, and thoroughly enjoy it.

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  8. We don't have a set routine and we don't cook separate meals -- though if we have shrimp (rarely) we have to keep it faaar from Carmen's dish as she has seafood allergies (we cook the same thing, just don't add the shrimp to hers). Meals in some random order: bangers and mash, chicken with some typeof sauce + vegis, burritos, fajitas, indian, soup, quiche, stew, ... We're always on the lookout for something cheap and easy. Carmen cooked a delicious chicken dish this week: wrap chicken breasts in bacon, cook on one side then the other, cover with a cup of cream and a cup or so of grated cheese, let simmer for 10mins or so -- delicious! Found a great web site with mouth watering dishes: http://thepioneerwoman.com/. Nick


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