10 days to Christmas......

Artwork by Mary Engelbreit

It is always hard getting up in the morning and staying focused at work as I near a week's Christmas holiday break.  Just like when I was a child, time travels far too slow - with my mind already thinking about all the activities I will be doing over the festive season and most certainly not thinking about the work I should be doing now. Making it worse, my husband is already on leave - which means its twice as hard going to work.

Today was quite warm (32C - 89.6F) and tomorrow will be even hotter (37C - 98.6F) - but I spend all day in air-conditioning so it doesn't affect me very much.  My favourite time in summer is dusk as the sun sets and it starts to get cooler with the gully winds increasing, bringing relief after a hot summers day.  Charlie (the cat) and I have been sitting on the front step watching the parrots chat away in the gum trees - I was relaxing and Charlie was dreaming of catching one of these birds.

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  1. Fun illustration! My grandmother used to tell a story about one of her cats climbing the Christmas tree. Once the cat got up the tree, she couldn't figure out how to get back down. Grandma was reduced to undecorating the entire tree, peeling the cat off the trunk, and then reassembling the entire thing. Thankfully, the cat never made the same mistake again!

  2. Hey Jo, thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I haven't seen it on your blog but I take it you're down under? Are you?

    I can so relate to the whole Christmas break kinda thing. It's hard to think about work for me too. Tonight we dipped pretzels and my taste buds were thinking it was Christmas break already too.

    Anyhow, so nice to meet you!!


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