Books vs Kindle

I LOVE reading books, I never leave home without on in my bag, I love reading in bed - nothing nicer than curled up on a winters' night with a good book and a cup of chocolate (plus a piece of cake!!).    Now there is a new sort of "book" available - one brand is the Kindle (left).  There are some pluses with this gadget - it doesn't take up much space (1/3 inch thick), its small and it can hold up to 1,500 books (with 360,000 books to choose from).  So all the books I have scattered throughout my house could be contained in one small electronic gadget  AND it can read out loud so I wouldn't even need to "read".  This one costs $259US

However, it doesn't have that "old book" smell, what would I put around my house if I didn't have all those books (books give home a special feel), what would I do with my book marks and most importantly my eyes after a day on the computer like to have a "rest" from computer screens (however the ad does say it has "paper-like display").   And I love visit second-hand bookshops and sharing my books around:(

But in saying all this - I do have the bible (plus a cookbook) on my iPhone and that is quite easy to read - but I don't read it for hours like I do with book. And also I read newspapers online.

What do other think of this new technology?


  1. I'm a traditionalist...I like real, honest to goodness books. I also appreciated your comment about having books around the house. I grew up in a home full of books - my dad's westerns and mysteries, mom's biographies and histories, and my own shelves full of Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden, Ann Rinaldi, and Grace Livingston Hill. It took me a long time to realize what was often missing when I walked into someone's home for the first time - those welcoming, warm, homey bookcases stacked full.

  2. What will they think of next? That is ridiculous! There is nothing like a book! Who wants screens everywhere?

  3. Go the real books. Nothing could ever beat a REAL book.


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