I love calendars..do you?

One of the exciting things about the end of the year is the trip to the mall to buy the calendars.  I need a calendar for:
  • the fridge door
  • study
  • my desk at work
  • my pin board at work
  • the toilet door
Each calendar is carefully selected as I have to live with these for 12 months.  Sometimes it can take weeks to find the right ones.  This year I have bought the following:
  1. Polar bears (mini) calendar for the fridge door
  2. Lowell Herrero's "Cows" for the study (all the way from the USA)
  3. Cute cats (mini) for my pin-board at work
  4. Unusual locations around the world calendar for the toilet door (I try to make this interesting and educational)
  5. NOT BOUGHT YET - Still deciding!!! 

It can get very stressful if I can't find the right ones...ok a little crazy you might be wondering:).  Sometimes I go back when the sales are one and the calendars are reduced by 75% buy a few more - just in case.  Some are just so beautiful - especially the photograph and art calendars.   They are great frames and hung on the wall.  No one would ever know they were once from a calendar.


  1. It is always fun seeing the different kinds of calendars that are available!

    I love your blog design!

    Mrs. White in Vermont


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